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Five Questions with Bill Xing from Bybit

bill xing head of financial products bybit

Five Questions with Bill Xing

We are excited to ask Bill Xing, Head of Financial Products at Bybit five questions. Bill leads Bybit’s effort to develop and release new products as “one of the most user experience and trader focused platforms”. Get to know Bybit through Bill in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are some of the past or future products from Bybit you’re most excited about?

Bill Xing: I am excited about our strategy alert feature on the mobile. Super convenient and useful. Crypto is 24*7 and very volatile, without a tool like strategy alert, it’s almost impossible to manage risks or capture opportunities. We are also going to add features that allow you to automatically place orders once alerts are triggered. A way to capitalize on the signals immediately.

Q: What separates Bybit from other spot and derivative trading platforms?

Bill Xing: Super deep liquidity and user-friendly interface for traders from starters to advanced ones. Also, we have a world-class mobile app 🙂

Q: How does Bybit plan to continue to play a large role in making cryptocurrency safer and easier for retail clients to trade?

Bill Xing: I would say technology investment in-house and user education effort. We have hundreds of top-notch engineers in-house who are working on trading platform performance and security. Also, we have great content creators writing blogs to educate users on crypto, trading, and risk management.

Q: What can clients who participate in World Series of Trading (WSoT) expect during one of these trading competitions?  

Bill Xing: A lot of fun and trading experience. If you are really good at it, you could make money by winning prize as well.

Q: With the global push to legitimize cryptocurrency trading platforms with regulating entities, what can clients expect to happen with AML/KYC on Bybit?

Bill Xing: We have already supported KYC features on the platform. For AML, we have built all sorts of tools and procedures in place to prevent money laundering. 

About Bybit

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange established in March 2018 and registered in the BVI. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have users from all over the world including North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. We are focused on serving everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders. Our technology team includes experts from numerous leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, Tencent, Ping’an Bank and Nuoya Fortune.

Our liquidity ranks second because we put our clients first.

Our matching engine never overloads with over 100,000 TPS dedicated to every single trading pair, and our servers are never down with our grey release feature and hot patches released on the go. Lastly, all funds are kept safe with our Hierarchical Deterministic Cold Wallet System storing all assets. All of these and much more are what makes Bybit committed to creating a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment for all.

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HaasOnline TradeServer 3.3.34 has been released


Release overview

We’ve synced HaasOnline TradeServer stable release with BETA. You can upgrade by logging into your active HTS instance or by downloading a new copy from your account in the downloads section.

With the latest version of HaasOnline TradeServer there have been several pesky bug fixes and various other stability improvements. We have also resolved performance and stability issues with our price driver support for third-party exchange APIs, that include Bybit, Binance, and FTX.

Changelog available here

HaasOnline TradeServer 3.3.34

With the latest version of HaasOnline TradeServer there have been several pesky bug fixes and various other stability improvements. We have also resolved performance and stability issues with our price driver support for third-party exchange APIs, that include Binance, Bybit, Deribit, FTX, Gemini, and KuCoin.

Exchange Driver Maintenance

Here’s a general overview of the fixes and improvements made to several exchange drivers. 

  • Binance had adjustments to USDT markets and API optimization
  • Bybit had updates to USDT and inverse markets as well as API optimization
  • Deribit had improvements to margin positions
  • FTX API keys with read-only rights checks
  • Gemini driver upgraded
  • KuCoin 0% fee support

General Maintenance

  • Correct name when cloning Order Bot & Trend Lines Bot
  • ZoneRecovery backtest between 2 time frames is now possible
  • Several CSS fixes to improve browser cross compatibility


As we continue to develop and innovate HaasScript, we include updates to commands, function, and new features. This update contains several updates to commands that improve reliability.

What’s new

  • AmountStep() – This command returns an integer for the minimum allowed trade amount step for the market.
  • PriceStep() – This command returns an integer for the minimum allowed price step for the market.
  • GetOrderType() – This command returns an enum of the current main order type. This could be used to check if the proper order type is being used for a strategy.
  • GetHaasScriptVersion() – This command returns the HaasScript version number of a script. This could be useful when checking for compatibility.

Changes to HaasScript

  • GetPositionEnterPrice() & AverageEnterPrice() – These commands have been updated with the ability to output open entry prices.

General Maintenance

  • Fixed inability to create command scripts
  • Fixed Delta/PercentageChange command
  • Visual HaasScript backup file compression changed (part 1 of 2)

If you encounter bugs or other technical issues please contact our support team or stop by our Discord server and head to the #bug-reports channel to report your issues.