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Tell your friends about our products and include your referral link.

Your friends sign up and successfully complete a purchase.

You earn up to 25% of each completed order from every friend you refer.

Healthy Program

Join over 8,633 affiliates who are enjoying our industry’s highest paying referral program.

Program Payout

With over $1,216,962.45 paid out, it’s easy to see how fruitful our referral program has been.

Competitive Rates

Start at 10% and increase commissions up to 25% based on your campaign performance.

Average Commission

With $72 being the average commission per order, you will quickly see a return on investment.

Average Order Value

Unlike budget competitors, our products generate an average order value of $600.

Average Conversion Rate

Use our high-quality banners, content, and reputation to earn a 2.4% average conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    You will be provided with a referral code link that can be utilized for endorsing our services while tracking referrals and commissions. The referral code link can be accessed from the Referral Settings Page within your account center. When the unique link is accessed a cookie will is stored on the device for 30 days with your referral details.

  • When do I receive my Bitcoin?

    Payouts are manual and paid upon request. Make sure you have the correct receiving wallet address in your account.

  • How do I advertise my referral link?

    Get creative.. Send your links via email, social media, or web properties you manage directly.  If we find unscrupulous methods of promotions, your payouts will be forfeited and you will be banned from our program.

  • How do I earn Bitcoin?

    Anyone you refer to HaasOnline that signs up using your unique referral link will generate you 10% of the total sale for each friend that successfully completes the checkout process. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer or Bitcoin that you can earn.

  • What are the tiers?

    There are currently three additional tiers that allow you to increase your commission. The base referral rate is 10% and once you have five (5) referrals you will be automatically bumped to 15%, ten (10) and you will be bumped to 20%, and at twenty (20) referrals your commissions max out at 25%.

  • Do the tiers reset?

    Yes, the referral threshold resets on the beginning of every month. For example, if you were earning 20% and had eleven (11) referrals for the month prior — these statistics would reset on the beginning of the current month.