Who we are

HaasOnline is the driving force behind the future of automated crypto trading. Creating crypto trading technologies, products, and standards that are widely used throughout the industry.

Thousands of cryptocurrency hobbyists, professionals, and institutional investors rely on HaasOnline as their preferred platform for automating crypto trading strategies

Since 2014, HaasOnline has democratized high-frequency trading on the most well-known digital asset platforms by leveraging integrations through APIs. HaasOnline products and technology are simple enough for any trader to use, yet robust enough to power some of the world’s most advanced automated trading algorithms.

By making automated trading a valuable part of every crypto trader’s toolkit, HaasOnline is enabling pioneers in fintech — from cryptocurrency hobbyists to emerging institutional leaders — to create ingenious automated trading strategies.

Core values

Focus on the Customer

Spend the time to understand our customer and solve problems from their perspectives.

Investing in Others

We believe that releasing customer potential is critical. Stay humble, and understand it’s not about us.

Take Ownership

Think long term, and spend money sensibly. Owners understand a business, and agonize over the small things.

Be Fearless

We’re driven to build a meaningful and impactful crypto fintech company. Embrace revolutionary ideas, everything big once started small.

No Nonsense

Always act in an honest, direct, and transparent way that positively uplifts the entire crypto-ecosystem.

Our mission

HaasOnline seeks to create and maintain advanced automated trading technologies. We strive to grow our company with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products while giving back to our community.

A team of experts

The HaasOnline leadership team bring years of experience in fintech and software development.
  • Stephan de Haas

    Chief Executive Officer

    CEO and captain of this ship is Stephan de Haas. His background in software engineering gave Stephan the skills and experience to bring an idea to life. As a bitcoin advocate, Stephan saw a demand for crypto trading and answered back with HaasOnline.
  • Quintus de Haas - CTO

    Quintus de Haas

    Chief Technology Officer

    Quintus is our CTO and ship’s navigator. He supports the infrastructure that keeps this boat headed in the right direction. It is his vision and guidance that pushes us toward success.
  • Josh Becker

    Chief System Operations

    University of Cincinnati computer science graduate Josh Becker has a background in marketing as well as software engineering. This experience enables him to bring a unique perspective to our leadership team that is unparalleled.
  • Rustim Rhoda

    Research & Development

    Rustim leads the R&D team that creates the amazing tools found in the HaasOnline Trade Server. His hard work and long hours have helped bring HaasOnline to where we are today.
  • Jeff Vernon

    Chief Marketing Officer

    As our in-house marketing guru, Jeff ensures all of our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. His every effort is directed toward ensuring the highest quality product reaches our customers.

Global Support

Support and other critical operations facilitated by a global team of highly talented staff, ambassadors, and valuable community members.