Lightning-fast crypto trading bots

We started crypto bot trading to help traders get an edge on the always-on crypto markets.
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Trade 24/7/365

Use crypto trading bots running proven strategies and let them trade around your schedule, 24 hours, day or night.

Replicate Strategies

Use our included trading bots or use HaasScript to recreate manual trading strategies.

Speed & Precision

Our backtesting engines allow you to refine strategies with historical data and establish the best combination of parameters to buy or sell.

Reduce Mistakes

Trade without letting emotions get in the way of realizing profits or preventing losses.

Improve Efficiency

Let trade automation perform mundane and repetitive tasks.

Increase Margins

Leverage speed and efficiency to increase profit margins.

Automated Trading Strategies

Trade with zero fee trading bots

We include over a dozen crypto trading bots that execute historically profitable trading strategies on crypto markets. Get up and running quickly with minimal configuration on our legendary trade automation platform without being locked in to black box trading.

Trade with zero fee trading bots
Accumulation Bot
Let the accumulation trading bot buy or sell your crypto while hiding your true position.
Advanced Crypto Index
Maintain your own self-managed crypto index fund with granular control.
Grid Trading Bot
Quickly deploy grid-based trading bots to protect your positions.
Inter-Exchange Arbitrage
Take advantage of spread discrepancies between two exchanges.
Market Making Bot
A tried and true method for creating liquidity in slower moving markets.
Order Bot
Simply places predefined orders in sequences as each target price is reached.
Ping Pong
A different approach to scalping.
Scalper Bot
Great for taking a little bit of crypto off the top.
Signals Bot
This trading bot allows you to integrate external signals from third-party providers, like TradingView.
Zone Recovery
Designed to perform risk management for open positions on leveraged accounts.
and many more...
Third-party Crypto Signals

Use crypto signals from experts

Subscribe to crypto trading signals and trading strategies published by experts from anywhere. Create your crypto-based portfolio with HaasOnline because you don't need to be an expert to trade like one.

Use crypto signals from experts
Custom HaasScripts

Create any strategy or indicator

Crypto traders have the freedom to design and develop custom crypto trading strategies, technical indicators, and helper functions using our advanced crypto scripting language, HaasScript.

Create any strategy or indicator

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are trading bots profitable?

    Trading bots are like computer programs that help people buy and sell things automatically in the stock market. They can be good at doing this sometimes, but it depends on a lot of things like how good the program is, how the stock market is doing, and how the person using the program is making decisions.

    Using a trading bot can be helpful because it saves time and reduces mistakes that people sometimes make. But it's important to remember that a trading bot can still make mistakes or have problems, and it's not a substitute for knowing how the stock market works and having a good plan for buying and selling.

  • How much do you need to invest with a trade bot?

    To use a trading bot, you usually need to have some money to invest in the crypto market. How much money you need depends on the specific trading bot strategy and the crypto you want to buy. Some trading bots might require a lot of money to start, while others might let you start with less. It's important to remember that investing always carries risk, so it's a good idea to start small and be careful with your risk capital.

  • How much can a trading bot make?

    It's difficult to say how much a trading bot can make because it depends on many things like the quality of the trading strategy and the conditions of the market. Sometimes a trading bot can make a lot of money, but other times it might not make much or even lose money. It's important to remember that a trading bot is a tool to help people make trades, but it's still up to the trader using it to make good decisions and know what they're doing.

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