Put your crypto trading strategies through the ringer

Reduce unnecessary risk by using historical and real-time data to see how your strategies perform in various market conditions.
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Historical Backtesting

Learn from the past

Refine automated trading strategies by backtesting with historical exchange data. See how your trading strategies would have handled various types of market movements. Use different price closing methods to accurately determine the reliability of your script's logic.

Learn from the past
Concurrent Backtesting

Lightning fast batchtesting

Our next level batchtesting enables thousands of concurrent backtests of trading bot strategies. Gone are the days of manual testing. Get a more accurate picture of how your trading strategy will execute when deployed on live markets.

Lightning fast batchtesting
Real-time Paper Trading

Trade without risking capital

Use our simulated trading engine with different variations of trading algorithms to determine how the scripts handle live market conditions while making adjustments on-the-fly. Our simulated trading engine helps traders gain deeper insight into algo performance with other risk factors like slippage.

Trade without risking capital

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I backtest?

    It varies on your subscription. It ranges from 1 to 12 months and even longer with TradeServer Enterprise.

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