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Five Questions with Gracy Chen from Bitget

gracy chen bitget

Five Questions with Gracy Chen

We are excited to ask Gracy Chen, managing director at Bitget, 5 questions. Chen was named a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2015. Chen is also pursuing an MBA degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Get to know a little bit more about our Bitget trading bots and Gracy in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: You travel and talk to a lot of people, companies, and projects in the crypto fintech space. Are there any specific trends that have stood out over the past year?

Gracy Chen: 1. Talent migration from Web2 to Web3: 

In October last year, Facebook changed its name to Meta, attracting huge attention from social media, as Metaverse is gaining more public notice. Since then, more and more traditional Web2 companies have begun to transform or set foot in Web3-related fields, and employees of traditional game companies or financial investment banks are starting their own businesses and companies. 

Web2 has been witnessing slowing growth and focusing on fierce competition. While on the other hand, Web3 provides more opportunities for growth, for individual staff and the companies as well, a higher potential for a business boom with the next trend of technology. In the future, with the blessing of capital and increasing involvement from Web2 enterprises, we will see more higher-quality employees are more willing and interested to join Web3.

2. The fast development of Defi ecosystem, Dapp and improvement of capital efficiency

Before August 2020, the total market TVL was less than 1 billion USD, the current market total locked position was around 53 billion USD, and the high point was locked at 180 billion USD. Defi dapp, such as Uniswap, aave, has gradually become the underlying infrastructure of the Defi ecosystem. Based on the huge supporting capital in the system, how to effectively make use of and improve capital utilization efficiency and other solutions will be the source of continuous iteration and innovation of the Defi ecosystem in the future. 

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges your team expects to face in the upcoming new year, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Gracy Chen:  I can share that in four aspects (with some comparison between 2018/19, when we started, and today): 

1. How to serve users from different regions
Bitget, established in 2018, is the world’s top five leading cryptocurrency exchange with innovative products and social trading services as its key features, currently serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world.

2. How to manage the team while growing fast
From a small group to, right now, over 800 staff – and soon to be over 1000 – the task of managing a global team and realizing their potential is challenging yet rewarding. It involves a balance of understanding each team’s needs, cultivating their own skills while being cognizant of a larger purpose, and bridging the gap with strong lines of communication from reporting managers all the way up to C-suite.

3. How to make a sustainable and compliant business 
The crypto world was going through its Wild West days back in 2019, so the industry players at that time could grow savagely without control. However, as global regulation on cryptocurrency continues to improve, we need to make greater efforts on licensing and compliance to align with the regulations of different markets and sustain our growth. 

4. How to differentiate ourselves
Crypto exchanges offer more or less similar products. So, how does Bitget stand out? We identified the power of social trading and made it our differentiating factor. 

Q: How do you see our industry has developed over the past couple of years? What areas do you think are ripest for expansion?

Gracy Chen:  Working in a leading crypto exchange, the major trend I want to share is that we have seen increasing passion for the crypto world from traditional finance peers, and the maturation and sophistication of the crypto market, to a large extent, brought by the increasing institutional participation.

While the global quarterly spot trading volume grew sevenfold to $3.2 trillion in the two years to the first quarter of 2022, crypto derivatives trading expanded twelvefold to $6.3 trillion in the same time frame. (where is this data from, pls quote properly)

Institutional investors, mostly prop trading firms, are drawn to derivative trading mainly because of the flexibility to apply more trading strategies, higher capital efficiency, better risk management as well as tax efficiency. 

Q: What are new upcoming or current features, products, or services that Bitget offers that you’re most excited about?

Gracy Chen: I am really excited about our new feature, Bitget Insights. The feature serves to integrate social media with crypto trading via the Bitget exchange. The launch signifies the next stage in Bitget’s crypto social trading initiative, benefiting both new retail investors as well as seasoned traders.

With Bitget Insights, new traders will have the opportunity to glean insights from experienced traders. Compared to existing social media platforms, Bitget guarantees that all shared insights come from verified and credible traders, thus saving new traders time, resources and potential losses resulting from cryptocurrency ‘shilling’, false endorsements or other crypto scams.

The launch of ‘Bitget Insights’ exemplifies our long-term endeavors to build an inclusive, robust and flexible platform and make social trading more accessible to everyone.We believe in the power of social trading and make it our quintessential feature, allowing us to differentiate among exchanges such as Binance and FTX, offering users valuable services.

Q: Could you shed light on your creative process for conceptualizing and executing new growth projects? How have these processes been adjusted or optimized over the last year? 

Gracy Chen: While we would like to be as creative as we can be, we pay close attention in protecting our investors and the industry when considering listing a token on Bitget’s platform. As a crypto exchange, we serve as the gatekeeper for our community and are responsible to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the industry. Therefore, we always conduct detailed research on every to-be-listed project, mainly focusing on three criteria: 1) tokenomics, 2) their team and investor background, and 3) their users’ demographic and community. To sum it up, we only list high-quality projects that have the potential to positively impact our community, as well as the crypto industry at large. This process wasn’t adjusted much, though we made some minor optimizations in terms of our internal process to have more communication built in between different departments facing the projects so that we can have more symmetric information to make better decisions.

About Bitget

Bitget, established in 2018, is the world’s top five leading cryptocurrency exchange with innovative products and social trading services as its key features, currently serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries around the world.

The exchange is committed to providing one-stop and secure trading solutions to users and aims to increase crypto adoption by collaborations with creditable partners, including Argentinian legendary footballer Lionel Messi, Italian leading football team Juventus, PGL Major’s official esports crypto partner, and the leading esports organization Team Spirit.

To learn more about Bitget, please visit: 

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Five Questions with Becky Sarwate from CEX.IO

becky sarwate

Five Questions with Becky Sarwate

We are excited to ask Becky Sarwate, Head of Communications at CEX.IO, 5 questions. Becky’s masterful wordsmithing helps shape the brand one word at a time. Get to know a little bit more about CEX.IO and Becky in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: As Head of Communications, you get to have a lot of conversations with people, companies, and projects in the crypto fintech space. Are there any specific themes that have stood out over the past 12 months? What are some lessons learned?

Becky Sarwate: As a human being as well as a crypto professional, I think the ongoing war in Ukraine this year has given us all a reminder of how small the world is, and how great our responsibility to each other. Decentralized financial access has been a lifeline to war-torn refugees fleeing for safety, as well as a powerful engine for raising funds for humanitarian relief. I’m very proud of this. CEX.IO has made it easy to support critical organizations saving lives on the ground in Ukraine through its Donation Widget.

Q: You have an extensive background in freelance journalism, teaching as an adjunct professor at Northeastern, and leading communications at CEX.IO. What challenges have you seen while trying to educate users and prospects about safely trading digital assets? How has your team solved them?

Becky Sarwate: Crypto moves so fast, it can be hard to keep up! But education is the ultimate key to adoption, and I feel that even more strongly as a former college instructor. Education serves to welcome newbies into the ecosystem, while helping more experienced market participants stay on top of their game. 

For example, we recently launched CEX.IO University, a one-stop educational hub. The free platform provides accessible, easy-to-understand content on related topics and developments in the industry, from blockchain fundamentals to crypto trading and on-chain analysis. University includes a roadmap of different courses, filtered by difficulty level, and highlighting topics ranging from fundamentals within the crypto space, to overall trading and investing content. We’re really excited to be able to empower customers and the general public with these valuable resources.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges your team expects to face in the upcoming year, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Becky Sarwate: Like everyone, we’re closely watching the period of volatility currently impacting the industry and hoping to avoid another “crypto winter.” Unfortunately, downturns are an inevitable part of overall growth, and CEX.IO is well-positioned to to serve customers in any market conditions – bull or bear.

Q: CEX.IO has a legacy of nearly a decade, marking them as one of the few exchange veterans. How does this status influence the business relationships, products, and social responsibility that the company pursues?

Becky Sarwate: The crypto industry has earned a disruptive reputation, perhaps intentionally fostering an image of revolt against the traditional financial system. But at CEX.IO, we’ve always understood that for crypto to achieve mainstream adoption, the same rules must apply to the industry as they do to other payment instruments. As a company building at the intersection of the fiat and crypto worlds, we immediately grasped the importance of working with regulators. We’re also proud to have been an industry leader with regard to mandatory KYC, creating necessary user exposure for the good of all market participants.
We are a global operation and have always chosen a regulated path. Rather than a bureaucratic burden, our diligence in this respect has become a competitive advantage. We’ve dedicated years to earning trust and demonstrating continuous reliability.

Q: What are some new and upcoming features, campaigns, products, or services that CEX.IO is excited about?

Becky Sarwate: In addition to CEX.IO University, we’re really excited about our retail and institutional staking offerings. With global crypto markets roiling over concerns like inflation and energy costs, savvy crypto holders are taking a fresh look at staking to maximize the assets in their portfolios.  

And because cryptocurrency markets never close, we’re also pumped about our API trading solutions, which allow  customers to automate cryptocurrency trades while saving time. Automation also allows market participants to create complex and resilient trading strategies to optimize trades.

About CEX.IO

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO works to connect people and businesses with opportunities in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Our global ecosystem includes a market-leading exchange and offers 360-degree services to crypto market participants, including retail and enterprise crypto holders, as well as professional traders and financial institutions. The dedicated CEX.IO team includes over 300 global professionals across offices in the U.K., U.S., Gibraltar and Cyprus, with R&D centers located in other geographies. 

For more information, visit CEX.IO

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Five Questions with Lennix Lai from OKX

okx lennix lai interview

Five Questions with Lennix Lai

We asked Lennix Lai, Director of financial markets at OKX, 5 questions. Lennix has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, specializing in high-frequency trading.

Get to know a little bit more about OKX and Lennix in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: With the recent rebrand of OKX, is it likely we can expect to see changes to existing products, new projects, and features? If so, what are you most excited about?

Lennix Lai: There won’t be a significant change in the existing products but we are always working towards improving the existing products and launching new features that benefit our users.

Q: The launch of the MetaX platform, it’s safe to say OKX sees significant value in the DeFi space. Will there be a sharper focus on DeFi offerings compared to traditional?

Lennix Lai: We definitely see a huge potential in the DeFi space and we will be launching many more products & features through MetaX. But this doesn’t mean that we will focus less on the other centralized offerings. Both of these offerings are very different and have their own audience & use cases, we’ll continue work and development on both centralized as well as decentralized offerings.

Q: With increasing volatility in the crypto market, why should people trade Crypto derivatives? Do you expect retail trading volume to grow or will less risky alternatives like Earn, Loan, and Staking taking precedence?

Lennix Lai: At times volatility makes the market even more interesting for day traders as it gives them more opportunities to trade again and again. These different products exist for different types of users who have different risk appetites. Somebody who prefers a safer investment with a stable income could go towards Earn, Loan, or staking products.

Q: As one of the more experienced financial market directors, how do you see the industry having developed during the last few years or so? What areas do you think are ripest for further expansion, and what among today’s innovations do you think will be the norm tomorrow?

Lennix Lai: The market is getting more sophisticated with more instruments designed for professionals – over the years. The crypto market is now for the serious player and has sufficient liquidity.

Q: If you had to sum up OKX’s ultimate vision for the future of cryptocurrencies, web3, and DeFi, what would that look like?

Lennix Lai: Metaverse!

About OKX

Founded in 2017, OKX is a world leading cryptocurrency exchange and ecosystem. OKX has innovatively adopted blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem and offers some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, solutions and trading tools on the market. Trusted by more than 20 million people in 180 regions across the globe, OKX’s mission is to remove barriers to wealth creation by offering access to everything the decentralized future holds. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, OKX envisions a world of financial inclusion for all through the power of crypto and decentralized finance.

For more information, visit

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Five Questions with Alexander Höptner from BitMEX

alexander hoptner bitmex interview

Five Questions with Alexander Höptner

We are excited to ask Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, five questions. Alexander joined BitMEX earlier this year and has been spearheading changes to their platform to accommodate the rapidly changing regulatory landscape that crypto fintech faces.

Get to know a little bit more about Alexander and BitMEX in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: First of all, thank you for taking the time to give your valuable insight about the challenges BitMEX has overcome and still faces. People either loved him or hated him, Arthur will always be a big part of BitMEX’s history. What does the current leadership shakeup mean for the longevity of the brand? 

Alexander Höptner: My mission as the CEO is to take what the founders have created to the next level – transforming from a crypto derivatives exchange to something bigger. Earlier this year we announced that we will expand our service offering by adding five new global business segments including Spot, Brokerage, Custody, Information Products, and Academy. That, though, is just the starting point with many more ideas in the pipeline.

Our transformation has just begun, and the BitMEX brand is very strong. Part of my mission is to expand and deepen understanding of what we stand for, and what we think is right. That includes our vision for the crypto ecosystem as a whole and building understanding of digital assets and crypto among as wide an audience as possible. So we’re continuing to support Bitcoin development, and also setting an example of being responsible innovators.

Q: We’ve seen powerful regulating bodies around the world clamp down on cryptocurrency trading in unison. Why should your former and prospective clients embrace KYC/AML during the maturation of the cryptocurrency industry?

Alexander Höptner: The scrutiny attracted from global regulators is proof that the market is growing significantly as well as maturing. In particular, we are seeing more institutional players recognising the opportunity cryptocurrencies represent – which we think is a good thing.However, that scrutiny is proof that if we aspire to the ideals of cryptocurrency to transform financial services, we need to work cooperatively with regulators around the world. We cannot and should not operate in silos from the rest of the financial services industry so we need to work closely to ensure we create a system that benefits those who matter most – the users themselves.

KYC is a prerequisite; it builds trust with users and regulators. As the first crypto derivatives exchange of our kind to be fully KYC-ed, we’re glad to see other industry players embrace KYC and AML policies. 

Zooming out, we see education and open dialogue with regulators as essential to industry growth and, as you said, “maturation”. We are now in active conversations and have established collaborative relationships with regulatory authorities in a number of jurisdictions,

Q: Coming from Börse Stuttgart as the former CEO seems like a natural fit as you transition to BitMEX. Besides overcoming regulatory issues, what improvements to the performance and stability of BitMEX’s trading engine can clients look forward to?

Alexander Höptner: In terms of the BitMEX trading engine, we have been working hard to scale up platform capacity to handle orders, and we are focused on continuing to upgrade and enhance the platform. The net result is a stable, safe, and secure trading experience for our users even during times of extreme volatility, as we have seen over recent months.

Our ambition, though, is to transform BitMEX to go beyond derivatives, and we appreciate the loyalty our traders have given us and which is such a fundamental part of our growth.

Q: Being that BitMEX is the inventor of the perpetual swap, one of the most traded crypto derivatives products, in what other ways will BitMEX continue to innovate with products?

Alexander Höptner: As you say, we created the perpetual swap so innovation is in our DNA. We’re bringing a positive change to BitMEX in the next few weeks with the introduction of Tether-margined contracts – something users are going to be really excited about. 

This summer we also made progress rapidly listing more Altcoin products, something our users have been asking for. 

Other products include the BitMEX Basket Indices which cover both the Altcoin (.BALTMEX) and DeFi (.BDEFIMEX) markets.

But now is no time to rest and say ‘job done’. As I said earlier, we’re rapidly expanding our products and services and in the near term you’ll see some even bigger announcements from us with the goal of expanding the choices our clients have on the BitMEX platform. Stay tuned.

Q: What’s one of the biggest mistakes you see a trader make early in their career?

Alexander Höptner: While I won’t offer any specific trading advice, I do believe that traders need to have conviction in their core investment thesis, standing by it whatever headwinds come their way.

I also think it’s important to self-assess continuously and be prepared to adjust a strategy or position when those headwinds start to chip away at underlying assumptions that support your thesis.

That’s a fine balance to pull off – staying true to your conviction while having the self-awareness to know when to change tack – but I think that’s what marks out successful traders.

About BitMEX

BitMEX is the next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform, which supports leveraged trading via Perpetual and Futures Contracts. Our mission is to professionalise the trading of cryptocurrency derivatives. We offer a fast, safe, and liquid way to trade and hedge cryptocurrency risk.

For more information, visit

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Five Questions with Bill Xing from Bybit

bill xing head of financial products bybit

Five Questions with Bill Xing

We are excited to ask Bill Xing, Head of Financial Products at Bybit five questions. Bill leads Bybit’s effort to develop and release new products as “one of the most user experience and trader focused platforms”. Get to know Bybit through Bill in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: What are some of the past or future products from Bybit you’re most excited about?

Bill Xing: I am excited about our strategy alert feature on the mobile. Super convenient and useful. Crypto is 24*7 and very volatile, without a tool like strategy alert, it’s almost impossible to manage risks or capture opportunities. We are also going to add features that allow you to automatically place orders once alerts are triggered. A way to capitalize on the signals immediately.

Q: What separates Bybit from other spot and derivative trading platforms?

Bill Xing: Super deep liquidity and user-friendly interface for traders from starters to advanced ones. Also, we have a world-class mobile app 🙂

Q: How does Bybit plan to continue to play a large role in making cryptocurrency safer and easier for retail clients to trade?

Bill Xing: I would say technology investment in-house and user education effort. We have hundreds of top-notch engineers in-house who are working on trading platform performance and security. Also, we have great content creators writing blogs to educate users on crypto, trading, and risk management.

Q: What can clients who participate in World Series of Trading (WSoT) expect during one of these trading competitions?  

Bill Xing: A lot of fun and trading experience. If you are really good at it, you could make money by winning prize as well.

Q: With the global push to legitimize cryptocurrency trading platforms with regulating entities, what can clients expect to happen with AML/KYC on Bybit?

Bill Xing: We have already supported KYC features on the platform. For AML, we have built all sorts of tools and procedures in place to prevent money laundering. 

About Bybit

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange established in March 2018 and registered in the BVI. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have users from all over the world including North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. We are focused on serving everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders. Our technology team includes experts from numerous leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, Tencent, Ping’an Bank and Nuoya Fortune.

Our liquidity ranks second because we put our clients first.

Our matching engine never overloads with over 100,000 TPS dedicated to every single trading pair, and our servers are never down with our grey release feature and hot patches released on the go. Lastly, all funds are kept safe with our Hierarchical Deterministic Cold Wallet System storing all assets. All of these and much more are what makes Bybit committed to creating a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment for all.

Bybit Trading Bots

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Five Questions with Johan Eleveld from Deribit

johan eleveld deribit chief marketing officer

Five Questions with Johan Eleveld

We are excited to ask Johan Eleveld, Chief Marketing Officer of Deribit, 5 questions. He brings years of legal and creative power to the Deribit team. Get to know a little bit more about Deribit with Johan in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: First of all congratulations on your transition to Deribit as CMO. Can you give us a little background about where you’re coming from and how you got involved with crypto fintech?

Johan Eleveld: After finishing law school, I started working as a creative in advertising for over 15 years. John Jansen (our founder and CEO) is a long time friend of mine. He told me around 2014 that he would build the first crypto derivatives exchange in the world. That’s how I got involved.

Q: A driver of rapid growth for Deribit was delivering a stable and performant trading platform during a time where volatility would take an infamous competing platform offline. How do you see Deribit continuing to achieve strong user growth? 

Johan Eleveld: We will always be focusing on being the most technologically advanced platform. Crypto derivatives are complex products. One way to achieve user growth is to get more people interested by explaining our products better through education, hence our extensive free options course. Another way is to add less complex products to our portfolio in the near future.

Furthermore, from a development perspective, we will remain focused on continuous performance increases facilitating further user and messages per second growth and platform stability. 

Q: How should trading platforms like Deribit aim to drive efficiency while at the same time staying ahead of the curve with innovation? Is it possible to do both?

Johan Eleveld: We deliberately choose to keep our team relatively small. We believe that we have a good balance between enough innovation power and enough agility to be efficient. We like to see ourselves as a small but robust ship.

Q: We’ve seen powerful regulating bodies around the world clamp down on cryptocurrency trading in unison. Why should Deribit’s former and prospective clients embrace KYC/AML during the maturation of the cryptocurrency industry?

Johan Eleveld: I think that it’s a natural evolution. Mr Benz invented the car, and afterwards, there became a need for traffic rules. We have many big institutional clients, and no one left because we voluntarily introduced a strict KYC/AML. Our new clients wouldn’t join Deribit if we didn’t have these strict rules. Over time we have expanded our KYC/AML requirements and monitoring and we recently announced to join Veriscope to be able to abide by Travel Rule requirements. When you’ve been driving in a busy country with hardly any traffic rules, you’ll learn to appreciate them. 

Q: It was not too long ago anything crypto related would fall under a global advertising ban on the majority of traditional marketing channels. What marketing challenges do you see Deribit facing in the next 6 months?

Johan Eleveld: That isn’t easy to predict. We are based in Panama, and this week Gabriel Silva unveiled a bill to make Bitcoin a legal tender in Panama. If crypto gets more accepted by governments over time, the marketing challenges will also slowly disappear.

Our former CEO Andras Caron chose not to do aggressive marketing but relied on a reverse solicitation model where the client comes to us instead of the other way around. A wise decision. Deribit always focused on the product, education and things like excellent customer support. Some competitors may have grown faster, but got into a lot of problems also. We will try to be on the safe side, no need to poke the bear with a stick.

About Deribit

Deribit was founded in Amsterdam in 2016. It is a global cryptocurrency derivatives platform and the leading crypto options exchange by volume and open interest. High matching engine capacity, low latency, advanced risk management, and high liquidity make Deribit a unique industry player that has been tested by time and trusted by its users. It offers numerous futures and options products and is among the top crypto derivatives exchanges in the world.

For more information, visit

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Five Questions with Matt Mamigonian from Bitstamp

matt mamigonian business dev bitstamp

Five Questions with Matt Mamigonian

We are excited to ask Matt Mamigonian, Business Development Manager of Bitstamp, 5 questions. Matt is no stranger to finance as he holds a Master of Science with a major in Finance, including Series 7 and 63 FINRA licenses. Get to know a little bit more about Bitstamp with Matt in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: Bitstamp holds the title of longest standing crypto exchange, and similarly we are the oldest crypto trade automation product dating back to late 2013. How does being a veteran in the crypto space influence the business relationships and social responsibility that Bitstamp pursues?

Matt Mamigonian: Being the longest standing exchange globally means we have the responsibility of providing a mature approach to the way we run our business and the relationships we pursue and maintain. We work with an incredibly large number of clients globally and ensure that security, reliability, and ease of use are all at the forefront of the client experience. Finally, since we operate with a compliance first approach, global regulation and operating within the letter of the law is of utmost importance.  

Q: With your background at J.P. Morgan, BNY Mellon, and currently Bitstamp, do you see cryptocurrency fintech replacing traditional investment vehicles and infrastructures that you previously worked with? 

Matt Mamigonian: To say that I am bullish on crypto would be an understatement. The current total market cap of the asset class currently sits at about $2.1 Trillion, which is less than the market cap of Microsoft or Apple. Traditional financial infrastructure will be disrupted, the capital raising process will look different, and more value will accrue to the end users and not the rent seekers. Capital markets will truly become global in nature and we haven’t even seen more than 1-2% of what this space is capable of achieving.

Q: Bitstamp boasts over 4 million clients; it’s known that whales and professional traders choose to trade with Bitstamp. In your opinion, will Bitstamp need to offer new products, like derivatives or margin trading, to compete with other growing trading platforms?

Matt Mamigonian: I believe that we will need to continue to innovate, add products and services, and expand our platform to keep our current institutions and clients happy as well as win more business. We continue to look at new products and services to offer – within the regulated framework we operate – and derivatives, futures, and options could be considered. We currently offer a margin product in partnership with Silvergate Bank and we have onboarded many firms who are using it day in and day out.

Q: Being in business development, you have a lot of conversations with startups and established companies in crypto fintech. Are there any themes that stand out over the past 6 months? How has your role changed?

Matt Mamigonian: There are a few themes that stand out. Startups and fintech players are seeking to more natively build crypto into their product at launch vs. adding features after they’ve been established. They want to build more natively in crypto – and want that to be the foundation or building blocks of their product or service. It’s become much more accepted, and dare I say, mainstream then it was a few years ago as well. Another theme would be building certain products and services to fit a market – or said differently – localizing a product. My role hasn’t changed that much in the last six months; however, I would say it’s only expanded and now encompasses a larger variety of incumbents.  

Q: Are there any new partnerships, sponsorships, or projects with Bitstamp that are coming up that you’re excited about (and can publicly share)?

Matt Mamigonian: The next few months are going to be incredibly busy for us and there isn’t anything I can formally announce right now. The best way to follow us would be our Twitter Handle @Bitstamp or our Blog!

About Bitstamp

Bitstamp is the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, continuously supporting the crypto economy since 2011. With a proven track record and mature approach to the industry, Bitstamp provides a secure and transparent trading venue to over four million individuals and enables a range of institutional partners to enter crypto markets through their time-proven infrastructure. Whether it is through their intuitive web and mobile apps or arsenal of industry-leading APIs, Bitstamp is where crypto enters the world of finance.

For more information, visit

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