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Best cryptocurrency Black Friday deals

best cryptocurrency black friday sales 2022

Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

We’ve compiled a short list of the best cryptocurrency related Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Whether you need a new hardware wallet to protect assets from failing exchanges or a new password manager to help stop you from reusing your dog’s name as your most secure password–we’ve got you covered.

There will be updates to this page as Black Friday and Cyber Monday progress. 

Hardware Wallets

Now more than ever you should be comfortable with using hardware wallets to move funds on and offline. As we’ve recently seen with the collapse of FTX and its contagion. We like both of these hardware wallets.


Get a $20 BTC voucher when you buy a Ledger Nano S Plus or a $30 BTC voucher when you buy a Ledger Nano X.



Save up to 30% on the Trezor Model T or Trezor Model One


Charting and Automated Trading


We help traders beat every bull and bear market. There’s no better time to save 40% off new orders and renewals. Promotion starts November 25, 2022 and end November 28, 2022



One of the best charting and social platforms for traders. Now you can get up to 60% off! 


Password Management


Stop reusing the same password and step up your security with one of the best password managers. Save 25% on your order now. 




Glassnode provides the data, knowledge, and confidence to make better investment and trading decision in Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency markets. Save 40% on all advanced plans.


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Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges

zero-fee crypto exchanges

Zero fee crypto trading exchanges

We’ve all heard of Robinhood, the popular retail trading app, which has for better or worse reshaped trading trends for the masses, including zero fee trading. The zero fee trading trend is spreading like wildfire among powerhouse exchanges looking to keep volume on their platforms–and traders are benefiting.

We have compiled a short list of zero fee crypto exchanges that are currently offering no fees for maker, taker, or both on spot and derivative markets for API and algorithmic traders using HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud. 

It should also be noted that several exchanges including ones in this no fee list have their own tokens and/or VIP programs which can make trading on their platform free or nominal. 

ExchangeMarketFee ScheduleAction
BinanceSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
Binance.USSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BitgetSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BitstampSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BybitSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
DeribitSelect Futures & Perpetuals MakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
MandalaSelect Spot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
PoloniexSelect Spot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
2022 Zero API Trading Fee Exchanges

There may be withdrawal, deposit, or conversion fees associated with these platforms. These promotions may change at any time without notice.

Trade for Free on TradeServer Cloud

Harnessing the power of HaasOnline TradeServer has never been this easy. The first HaasOnline trading product designed for the traders on the move who need more flexibility.

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Cryptocurrency Taxes Overview – How to Report Your Gains and Losses

cryptocurrency trader taxes

An Overview of Crypto Taxes

Death and taxes are said to be the only things you cannot escape in life. When the latter is mixed with the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing, things can quickly become confusing and unclear. 

In this article, we break down the fundamentals of cryptocurrency taxes for our traders that reside in the U.S. We discuss how the asset class is treated from a tax perspective and also outline the process for properly reporting the gains, losses, and income associated with your crypto trading activity.

Cryptocurrencies are Treated as Property

Contrary to what their name suggests, cryptocurrencies are not currently treated as currency in the eyes of some governments. The IRS (the tax collecting agency of the U.S) makes clear in its official virtual currency tax guidance that cryptocurrencies are to be treated as property for tax purposes. 

What does this mean?

This means that all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and other altcoins need to be treated similarly to any other form of property like stocks, real-estate, or bonds from a tax reporting perspective.

In other words, capital gains and losses tax reporting rules apply to cryptocurrencies just like they do for stocks and bonds. 

Cryptocurrency Capital Gains

Whenever you dispose of a cryptocurrency (get rid of it), you realize a capital gain or capital loss on the disposal.

The IRS considers all of the following to be disposal events for cryptocurrency (also known as taxable events):

  • Selling crypto for fiat
  • Trading one crypto for another
  • Using crypto to buy goods or services

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples to further illustrate how this works.

Example 1

Craig purchased 1 Bitcoin for $10,000 in April. Five months later, Craig sold that Bitcoin for $12,000.

In this example, Craig realizes a taxable event when he disposes of his Bitcoin by selling it for fiat. He realizes a $2,000 capital gain upon disposal (Sale Price – Purchase Price). Depending on what personal income tax bracket Craig falls under, he will pay a percentage of tax on this capital gain.

Example 2

John also purchased 1 Bitcoin for $10,000. However two months later, John traded 0.5 of that Bitcoin for 30 Ether. At the time, the 30 Ether was valued at $6,000.

In this example, John is disposing of his Bitcoin by trading it for ETH. This incurs a taxable event, and John realizes a capital gain or capital loss. 

John’s cost basis for the 0.5 Bitcoin that he traded was $5,000 (0.5*10,000). The 30 ETH John traded for was worth $6,000 at the time of the trade, so John incurs a $1,000 capital gain on the transaction (6,000 – 5,000).

The Difficulty for Traders

As you might have realized from these examples, calculating gains and losses can become quite tedious for high volume cryptocurrency traders—especially when you are actively trading crypto with on our automated trading products. This challenge stems from the fact that your crypto trades are most often quoted in other cryptocurrencies while your capital gains and losses need to be reported in your home fiat currency (US Dollar). 

To effectively calculate your gain or loss from each trade, you need to know what the fair market value was in US Dollar for your cryptocurrencies at the time of the trade. 

Data aggregators like CoinMarketCap can be used to track down this data by hand. Alternatively, cryptocurrency tax software products like can automate the entire crypto tax reporting and calculation process. 

Do Capital Losses Reduce Your Tax Liability?

Yes! While capital gains increase your taxable income, capital losses lower it—meaning you’ll pay less to Uncle Sam by filing your losses.

In the U.S., you need to report each taxable event whether it is a capital gain or a capital loss. One common misnomer amongst traders is that if they lost money overall, they do not need to report. This is not true, and they will actually miss out on large tax savings by not reporting losses! 

How Do I Report My Gains and Losses?

Capital gains and losses get reported on Form 8949. Simply report each taxable event (disposal) that you have within the tax year on a separate line of 8949. Once all disposals are entered, add them up to arrive at your net capital gain or loss. 

For each row on 8949 you will need to include:

  • A description of the property sold
  • Original purchase date
  • Date sold
  • Proceeds from the sale (in USD)
  • Cost basis in the property (in USD)
  • Gain / Loss

Below is an example of a filled out 8949 from a trader who was disposing of Ether.

IRS form 8949 with ETH example

Schedule D

Once you have your net capital gain or loss from all of your cryptocurrency disposals reported on 8949, you simply transfer this number to Schedule D of your tax return. Include both of these documents with your holistic tax return.

Cryptocurrency Tax Software

If you are looking for an easy way to automate your crypto tax reporting, it may be helpful to checkout some of the tools that have been specifically developed to help crypto traders with their tax reporting. 

HaasOnline has teamed up with to help enable a more streamlined tax reporting for our U.S. traders. 

CoinLedger integrates with most of the major exchanges we support to allow you to import your historical crypto transactions directly into their app. You can then generate your capital gains and losses tax forms based on this data with the click of a button.

HaasOnline users can use the discount code HAASONLINE to receive 20% off any report.

Tips & Tricks

To ensure that you will be able to easily report your crypto taxes at year end, make sure you are keeping track of the various exchanges and platforms you are using to trade. If you are a heavy user of multiple exchanges, it can be easy to lose track of everything you did over the course of the year. To avoid this, make sure to keep clean records.

Once year end comes around, you will easily be able to account for all of your trades and transactions with these records and get your tax reporting done in no time. 

For more information on the intricacies of cryptocurrency taxes, checkout this guide: The Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Taxes & Everything You Need to Know About Taxes and Cryptocurrency.

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Does it pay to hodl?

okex trading bots okb

Earning Interest with BlockFi

We’ve come a long way from the beginning of cryptocurrencies. We now have the option to HODL crypto in high-yield savings accounts on BlockFi, Coinbase, Gemini, and many others.

BlockFi has solidified themselves as one of the best crypto interest earning products available. At the time of writing this you will earn 4.5% APY on $BTC and the highest is 9.5% on $USDT.

Hold OKEx OKB and earn big

We’ve partnered with OKEx to create exclusive promotions for our community. Although we’re biased to active trading, we know there’s more than one method to increase your crypto portfolio. 

This time it pays to hodl.

It’s simple. When you hold 20 $OKB for only 7 days, you earn 15% interest. That’s it and best of all it’s deposited directly to your account in $OKB. 

As an active trader you can use $OKB to reduce your trading fees while deploying active OKEx trading bots across their markets. The more OKB held, the lower your trading fees–up-to a 40% reduction. You also get access to other programs and features on their platform when you hold their token.

To participate, login to your OKEx account and simply follow the link below:

Terms & Conditions apply. 20 OKB required, level-1 KYC required, one-time use, offer expires 31/12/2020, other terms and conditions may apply. See official OKEx promotion page for additional information.

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Kraken Futures Trading Competition with Over $10,000 in Rewards

Compete against other Kraken Futures traders to win over rewards, merch, and more!

We’ve partnered with Kraken Futures to bring you a trading competition. Compete against other Kraken Futures users to claim your stake from over $10,000 in rewards, Kraken merch, HaasOnline licenses, and more.

You must be logged into your HaasOnline account in order to begin the registration process.

Competition Intro

Important Dates

  • Registration: 04/08/2020 – 04/20/2020
  • Competition: 04/21/2020 – 05/18/2020
  • Results: 05/20/2020


$5,000 in Bitcoin for the Top 5 Traders

We will be awarding the top 5 most profitable Kraken Futures traders with a total of $5,000 in Bitcoin. Rewards will be sent to the wallet address used during registration.

$5,000 in Bitcoin for the First 50 Traders

Be among one of the first 50 traders to execute trades during the Kraken Futures competition to secure $100 in Bitcoin. Rewards will be sent to the wallet address used during registration.

Official Kraken Futures Merch

The Kraken Futures team will be giving out merch throughout the competition. Leave a comment on our latest YouTube video with your intended trading strategy and you may get a surprise.

Official XRP Merchandise

The XRP organization has graciously donated branded baseball caps and stickers. We will be giving these items out during the trading competition to Kraken Futures traders who make trades with XRP and win them on our Twitter.

HaasOnline Trade Server Licenses

We’ll be giving out HaasOnline Trade Server licenses during the registration period. Be sure to follow Kraken Futures and HaasOnline on social media for your chance to grab one if you don’t already have an active license!

Get your License

If you’re already a Kraken Futures user, complete the registeration and we will provide you with a license for the competition. Promotional code expires 04/20/2020.

We’ve also included up-to $100 in credit for you to install HaasOnline Trade Server on a high-performance virtual private server of your choice. See details once your order is complete.

Create your Kraken Account

If you don’t already have an Intermediate or Pro Kraken account, you will need to create an account. The Kraken team will expedite your registration, however please be aware that it can take up-to 36 hours to verify your details. Do not wait till the last day!

Need Support?

Do you need help registering for this competition? Are you having issues that require either HaasOnline or Kraken Futures?

Join Kraken Future’s official Telegram group for direct support with setting up your account.

Join our Discord server and head into the #competitions channel for help getting configured for this event.

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Cyber Monday Sale Details

Cyber Monday Crypto Trading Bot Sale

Our Crypto Trading Bot Sales Event

During our Cyber Monday sales event we’re offering, for a limited time, a 40% discount on all HaasOnline Trading Server licenses. You can now finally get your hands on the #1 trusted crypto trading bot platform on the market, including an advanced license, for as little as 0.016 BTC* a month. If you’re already an existing HaasBot customer this may be the perfect time for you to upgrade your license(s) to an advanced license using this deep discount.

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Black Friday Sale Details

Black Friday Crypto Trading Bot Sale

Our Crypto Trading Bot Sales Event

During our Black Friday sales event we’re offering, for a limited time, a 40% discount on all HaasOnline Trading Server licenses.  You can now finally get your hands on the #1 trusted crypto trading bot platform on the market for as little as 0.006 BTC* a month.  If you’re already an existing customer this may be the perfect time for you to upgrade your license(s) using this deep discount.

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Trading Bot Giveaway for YouTube Subscribers (RT+REPLY+SUBSCRIBE)

Trading Bot Giveaway Details

Oh, hey looks like it’s time for a surprise trading bot giveaway. This time around we’d like to know what your favorite cryptocurrency exchange is! To enter all you have to do is: retweet our contest tweet with your favorite crypto exchange tagged and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You must meet all of the listed requirements below to be eligible, no purchase necessary. We will announce the winners via Twitter on September 24, 2018 to gather your details, confirm your YouTube subscription, and activate your 3-month Beginner license* for HaasOnline Trade Server.

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Crypto Trading Bot Giveaway on Twitter (RT+FOLLOW+REPLY)

Crypto trading bot Twitter giveaway contest

Crypto Trading Bot Giveaway Details

Yeah, yeah, we know… another crypto trading bot giveaway. However, we honestly want to know which of our cryptocurrency trading bots are your preferred tools to work with.  To enter all you have to do is: follow our Twitter account and retweet our tweet with your answer.  You must meet all three of the listed requirements to be eligible, no purchase necessary.  We will inform the winners via Twitter DM or Reply on August 5, 2018 to gather your details and activate your 3-month Beginner license* for HaasOnline Trade Server.

* You may not resell or trade promotional licenses, if in violation they will be terminated immediately.
** If you’re a current customer we will add the additional term length to an active license.

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