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Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges

zero-fee crypto exchanges

Zero fee crypto trading exchanges

We’ve all heard of Robinhood, the popular retail trading app, which has for better or worse reshaped trading trends for the masses, including zero fee trading. The zero fee trading trend is spreading like wildfire among powerhouse exchanges looking to keep volume on their platforms–and traders are benefiting.

We have compiled a short list of zero fee crypto exchanges that are currently offering no fees for maker, taker, or both on spot and derivative markets for API and algorithmic traders using HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud. 

It should also be noted that several exchanges including ones in this no fee list have their own tokens and/or VIP programs which can make trading on their platform free or nominal. 

ExchangeMarketFee ScheduleAction
BinanceSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
Binance.USSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BitgetSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BitstampSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
BybitSpot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
DeribitSelect Futures & Perpetuals MakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
MandalaSelect Spot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
PoloniexSelect Spot Maker & TakerView Fee ScheduleCreate Account
2022 Zero API Trading Fee Exchanges

There may be withdrawal, deposit, or conversion fees associated with these platforms. These promotions may change at any time without notice.

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Five Questions with Becky Sarwate from CEX.IO

becky sarwate

Five Questions with Becky Sarwate

We are excited to ask Becky Sarwate, Head of Communications at CEX.IO, 5 questions. Becky’s masterful wordsmithing helps shape the brand one word at a time. Get to know a little bit more about CEX.IO and Becky in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: As Head of Communications, you get to have a lot of conversations with people, companies, and projects in the crypto fintech space. Are there any specific themes that have stood out over the past 12 months? What are some lessons learned?

Becky Sarwate: As a human being as well as a crypto professional, I think the ongoing war in Ukraine this year has given us all a reminder of how small the world is, and how great our responsibility to each other. Decentralized financial access has been a lifeline to war-torn refugees fleeing for safety, as well as a powerful engine for raising funds for humanitarian relief. I’m very proud of this. CEX.IO has made it easy to support critical organizations saving lives on the ground in Ukraine through its Donation Widget.

Q: You have an extensive background in freelance journalism, teaching as an adjunct professor at Northeastern, and leading communications at CEX.IO. What challenges have you seen while trying to educate users and prospects about safely trading digital assets? How has your team solved them?

Becky Sarwate: Crypto moves so fast, it can be hard to keep up! But education is the ultimate key to adoption, and I feel that even more strongly as a former college instructor. Education serves to welcome newbies into the ecosystem, while helping more experienced market participants stay on top of their game. 

For example, we recently launched CEX.IO University, a one-stop educational hub. The free platform provides accessible, easy-to-understand content on related topics and developments in the industry, from blockchain fundamentals to crypto trading and on-chain analysis. University includes a roadmap of different courses, filtered by difficulty level, and highlighting topics ranging from fundamentals within the crypto space, to overall trading and investing content. We’re really excited to be able to empower customers and the general public with these valuable resources.

Q: What do you think are the biggest challenges your team expects to face in the upcoming year, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Becky Sarwate: Like everyone, we’re closely watching the period of volatility currently impacting the industry and hoping to avoid another “crypto winter.” Unfortunately, downturns are an inevitable part of overall growth, and CEX.IO is well-positioned to to serve customers in any market conditions – bull or bear.

Q: CEX.IO has a legacy of nearly a decade, marking them as one of the few exchange veterans. How does this status influence the business relationships, products, and social responsibility that the company pursues?

Becky Sarwate: The crypto industry has earned a disruptive reputation, perhaps intentionally fostering an image of revolt against the traditional financial system. But at CEX.IO, we’ve always understood that for crypto to achieve mainstream adoption, the same rules must apply to the industry as they do to other payment instruments. As a company building at the intersection of the fiat and crypto worlds, we immediately grasped the importance of working with regulators. We’re also proud to have been an industry leader with regard to mandatory KYC, creating necessary user exposure for the good of all market participants.
We are a global operation and have always chosen a regulated path. Rather than a bureaucratic burden, our diligence in this respect has become a competitive advantage. We’ve dedicated years to earning trust and demonstrating continuous reliability.

Q: What are some new and upcoming features, campaigns, products, or services that CEX.IO is excited about?

Becky Sarwate: In addition to CEX.IO University, we’re really excited about our retail and institutional staking offerings. With global crypto markets roiling over concerns like inflation and energy costs, savvy crypto holders are taking a fresh look at staking to maximize the assets in their portfolios.  

And because cryptocurrency markets never close, we’re also pumped about our API trading solutions, which allow  customers to automate cryptocurrency trades while saving time. Automation also allows market participants to create complex and resilient trading strategies to optimize trades.

About CEX.IO

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO works to connect people and businesses with opportunities in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. Our global ecosystem includes a market-leading exchange and offers 360-degree services to crypto market participants, including retail and enterprise crypto holders, as well as professional traders and financial institutions. The dedicated CEX.IO team includes over 300 global professionals across offices in the U.K., U.S., Gibraltar and Cyprus, with R&D centers located in other geographies. 

For more information, visit CEX.IO