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HaasOnline TradeServer 3.3.34 has been released


Release overview

We’ve synced HaasOnline TradeServer stable release with BETA. You can upgrade by logging into your active HTS instance or by downloading a new copy from your account in the downloads section.

With the latest version of HaasOnline TradeServer there have been several pesky bug fixes and various other stability improvements. We have also resolved performance and stability issues with our price driver support for third-party exchange APIs, that include Bybit, Binance, and FTX.

Changelog available here

HaasOnline TradeServer 3.3.34

With the latest version of HaasOnline TradeServer there have been several pesky bug fixes and various other stability improvements. We have also resolved performance and stability issues with our price driver support for third-party exchange APIs, that include Binance, Bybit, Deribit, FTX, Gemini, and KuCoin.

Exchange Driver Maintenance

Here’s a general overview of the fixes and improvements made to several exchange drivers. 

  • Binance had adjustments to USDT markets and API optimization
  • Bybit had updates to USDT and inverse markets as well as API optimization
  • Deribit had improvements to margin positions
  • FTX API keys with read-only rights checks
  • Gemini driver upgraded
  • KuCoin 0% fee support

General Maintenance

  • Correct name when cloning Order Bot & Trend Lines Bot
  • ZoneRecovery backtest between 2 time frames is now possible
  • Several CSS fixes to improve browser cross compatibility


As we continue to develop and innovate HaasScript, we include updates to commands, function, and new features. This update contains several updates to commands that improve reliability.

What’s new

  • AmountStep() – This command returns an integer for the minimum allowed trade amount step for the market.
  • PriceStep() – This command returns an integer for the minimum allowed price step for the market.
  • GetOrderType() – This command returns an enum of the current main order type. This could be used to check if the proper order type is being used for a strategy.
  • GetHaasScriptVersion() – This command returns the HaasScript version number of a script. This could be useful when checking for compatibility.

Changes to HaasScript

  • GetPositionEnterPrice() & AverageEnterPrice() – These commands have been updated with the ability to output open entry prices.

General Maintenance

  • Fixed inability to create command scripts
  • Fixed Delta/PercentageChange command
  • Visual HaasScript backup file compression changed (part 1 of 2)

If you encounter bugs or other technical issues please contact our support team or stop by our Discord server and head to the #bug-reports channel to report your issues.


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We’ve partnered with FTX to bring the best FTX trading bots to their platform

ftx trading bots

Develop FTX trading bots with HaasScript on one of the hottest derivatives exchanges

We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with FTX, one of the hottest derivatives platforms available to traders worldwide. We’ve been working behind the scenes integrating their API with our trading products, syncing market data with our cloud infrastructure, and testing to ensure maximum reliability. 

For prospective users who don’t already know, FTX has a lot to offer active traders who want to trade with several options of tradable products. They have deep orderbooks, tight spreads, and up-to 101x leverage. It’s easy to register and fund your account or withdraw in popular fiat currencies. Similarly to other big name exchanges, you can leverage their native FTT token to reduce trading fees by up-to 60%.

  • One of the lowest maker and taker fees from any major exchange
  • Reduction in trading fees while holding FTT
  • A stable and properly maintained API, which allows for direct access to exchange trading with HaasOnline products
  • Global availability except for USA (Support for FTX.US planned)
  • Deposit and withdraw in popular fiat such as; USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and AUD
  • Deep orderbooks and liquidity for popular pairs
  • Backed by notable companies like Binance, Proof of Capital, and Greylock Partners

Our seamless integration of FTX’s API in our products allows you to deploy powerful crypto trading bots, like a grid trading bot in minutes instead of hours when leveraging tools like our drag-and-drop crypto algo designer — all while enjoying reduced trading fees (if applicable). With the certified exchange badge you can rest assured knowing that both HaasOnline and FTX have pledged to continuously maintain and support any API changes and rapidly resolve any service disruptions.

If you’re using FTX please let us know how we’re doing. If you’re not currently utilizing FTX and they’re available in your area, please check them out. Having multiple options available to execute trades on, not only offers fall-back contingencies, but also opens up opportunities for advanced trading strategies like crypto arbitrage.

– HaasOnline team

Continued Support

We continue to listen to your feature requests and partner with quality exchanges as they meet or exceed our internal criteria. We want to ensure you have the best possible experience with our products. It is for this reason that we have always taken a critical approach in deciding whether or not to add support for a specific exchange. We believe that support for the FTX will compliment our platform and improve value for traders like you.As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know by using our official support here. You can also join our Discord server to contribute topics and issues that impact our community.

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Does it pay to hodl?

okex trading bots okb

Hold OKEx OKB and earn big

We’ve partnered with OKEx to create exclusive promotions for our community. Although we’re biased to active trading, we know there’s more than one method to increase your crypto portfolio. 

This time it pays to hodl.

It’s simple. When you hold 20 $OKB for only 7 days, you earn 15% interest. That’s it and best of all it’s deposited directly to your account in $OKB. 

As an active trader you can use $OKB to reduce your trading fees while deploying active OKEx trading bots across their markets. The more OKB held, the lower your trading fees–up-to a 40% reduction. You also get access to other programs and features on their platform when you hold their token.

To participate, login to your OKEx account and simply follow the link below:

Terms & Conditions apply. 20 OKB required, level-1 KYC required, one-time use, offer expires 31/12/2020, other terms and conditions may apply. See official OKEx promotion page for additional information.

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Kraken Futures Trading Competition with Over $10,000 in Rewards

Compete against other Kraken Futures traders to win over rewards, merch, and more!

We’ve partnered with Kraken Futures to bring you a trading competition. Compete against other Kraken Futures users to claim your stake from over $10,000 in rewards, Kraken merch, HaasOnline licenses, and more.

You must be logged into your HaasOnline account in order to begin the registration process.

Competition Intro

Important Dates

  • Registration: 04/08/2020 – 04/20/2020
  • Competition: 04/21/2020 – 05/18/2020
  • Results: 05/20/2020


$5,000 in Bitcoin for the Top 5 Traders

We will be awarding the top 5 most profitable Kraken Futures traders with a total of $5,000 in Bitcoin. Rewards will be sent to the wallet address used during registration.

$5,000 in Bitcoin for the First 50 Traders

Be among one of the first 50 traders to execute trades during the Kraken Futures competition to secure $100 in Bitcoin. Rewards will be sent to the wallet address used during registration.

Official Kraken Futures Merch

The Kraken Futures team will be giving out merch throughout the competition. Leave a comment on our latest YouTube video with your intended trading strategy and you may get a surprise.

Official XRP Merchandise

The XRP organization has graciously donated branded baseball caps and stickers. We will be giving these items out during the trading competition to Kraken Futures traders who make trades with XRP and win them on our Twitter.

HaasOnline Trade Server Licenses

We’ll be giving out HaasOnline Trade Server licenses during the registration period. Be sure to follow Kraken Futures and HaasOnline on social media for your chance to grab one if you don’t already have an active license!

Get your License

If you’re already a Kraken Futures user, complete the registeration and we will provide you with a license for the competition. Promotional code expires 04/20/2020.

We’ve also included up-to $100 in credit for you to install HaasOnline Trade Server on a high-performance virtual private server of your choice. See details once your order is complete.

Create your Kraken Account

If you don’t already have an Intermediate or Pro Kraken account, you will need to create an account. The Kraken team will expedite your registration, however please be aware that it can take up-to 36 hours to verify your details. Do not wait till the last day!

Need Support?

Do you need help registering for this competition? Are you having issues that require either HaasOnline or Kraken Futures?

Join Kraken Future’s official Telegram group for direct support with setting up your account.

Join our Discord server and head into the #competitions channel for help getting configured for this event.

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How to trade Bitcoin and altcoins

how to trade bitcoin altcoins

Can you generate revenue from trading Bitcoin?

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, the financial sector has undergone an upheaval. New and interesting fintech products are springing up daily that allow traders to buy, sell, and trade, with massive improvements to trading efficiency with the right digital currency investments.

You’ve either been hearing the hype about Bitcoin (BTC) for years or like most of us suffer through the ups and downs, you might be looking to invest and protect current assets. You may be curious whether cryptocurrency trading operates like the conventional stock market or not, and what might be the best way to start day trading with cryptocurrencies.

We’ll quickly go over some of the basic topics in this article, as well as some fundamentals on how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, often referred to as altcoins. This is by no means an exhaustive guide to crypto day trading, but new traders will come away from this article versed in the basics.

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HaasOnline is the first automated trading bot platform to partner with Bitpanda Pro

bitpanda crypto trading bots

Use HaasScript powered crypto trading bots, technical indicators, and other scripts on Bitpanda Pro

Today we’re excited to announce our official integration with Bitpanda Pro. Bitpanda has been quickly climbing the continuously shifting exchange ranks and have distinguished themselves as a reputable and reliable contender, which has earned them a place as one of our newest certified exchanges.

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Cobinhood Integration Update

cobinhood exchange removal

Why are we removing Cobinhood Exchange?

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure HaasOnline Software customers are protected, we conduct routine evaluations on the exchanges we are actively supporting. We work directly with exchange representatives to ensure there are direct lines of communication, which allows us to quickly resolve technical issues or get clarification on events that unfold. Our evaluations are broad and cover an exchange’s impact, public interactions, consumer sentiment, and overall positive contributions to the crypto community.

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Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange support

ionomy Alchemy exchange crypto trading bot

HaasBot trading bots are now officially supported on Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange

We’ve added our crypto trading bot support for Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange. The Alchemy exchange is a newly launched exchange that currently supports 8 trading pairs and is continually adding support for new trade pairs. We have seamlessly integrated the Alchemy API with our software to ensure all of your our trade bots including the Crypto Index, Exchange Arbitrage, and Mad Hatter crypto trading bots perform their tasks reliably.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison – Features and Benefits

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform is no small task. There are now more than 100 from which to choose; many of them aren’t available to everyone and, they all vary considerably in terms of features and functionality.

To help you choose the exchange that best suits your needs, let’s review the basics of how exchanges operate, their fundamental differences and why choosing the right one is important to investing success.

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