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HaasOnline is the first automated trading bot platform to partner with Bitpanda Global Exchange

bitpanda crypto trading bots

Use HaasScript powered crypto trading bots, technical indicators, and other scripts on Bitpanda Global Exchange

Today we’re excited to announce our official integration with Bitpanda Global Exchange. Bitpanda has been quickly climbing the continuously shifting exchange ranks and have distinguished themselves as a reputable and reliable contender, which has earned them a place as one of our newest certified exchanges.

You can enjoy high liquidity with Euro trading pairs such as BTC/EUR, BEST/EUR, and ETH/EUR. Currently, Bitpanda offers thirteen (13) trading pairs and allows you to deposit & withdraw in popular fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CHF. You can increase profit margins while reducing fees up-to 25% by paying your trading fees with their BEST token.

  • One of the lowest maker and taker fees on any exchange
  • Get a 25% reduction in fees when using BEST to pay trading fees
  • Stable and properly maintained API, which allows for direct access to exchange trading with optimized rate limits when trading with HaasOnline Trade Server
  • Global availability (except for USA and China)
  • Access to the full library of Bitpanda products and services from a single account
  • Deposit and withdraw in popular fiat such as; USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF
  • Trusted team and project with a PSD2 payment service provider license
  • High liquidity with EUR pairs

Our seamless integration of Bitpanda’s API allows you to deploy crypto trading bots with customized strategies in minutes instead of hours when leveraging tools like our brand new drag-and-drop crypto algo designer — all while enjoying reduced trading fees (when enabled). With the certified exchange badge you can rest assured knowing that both HaasOnline and Bitpanda have pledged to continuously maintain and support any API changes and rapidly resolve any service disruptions.

If you’re using Bitpanda please let us know how we’re doing. If you’re not currently utilizing Bitpanda and they’re available in your area please check them out. Having multiple options available for you to execute trades on, not only offers fall-back contingencies, but also opens up opportunities for advanced trading strategies like crypto arbitraging.

– HaasOnline team

Continued Support

We will continue to listen to your feature requests and integrate quality exchanges as they meet or exceed our internal criteria. We want to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with our products. It is for this reason that we have always taken a critical approach in deciding whether or not to add support for a specific exchange. We believe that support for the Bitpanda exchange will compliment our platform and improve value for our users.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know by using our official support here. You can also join our Discord server to contribute topics and issues that impact our community.

Full Risk Disclosure

Cryptocurrency, forex, futures, and stocks contain substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results

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Cobinhood Integration Update

cobinhood exchange removal

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure HaasOnline Software customers are protected, we conduct routine evaluations on the exchanges we are actively supporting. We work directly with exchange representatives to ensure there are direct lines of communication, which allows us to quickly resolve technical issues or get clarification on events that unfold. Our evaluations are broad and cover an exchange’s impact, public interactions, consumer sentiment, and overall positive contributions to the crypto community.

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Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange support

ionomy Alchemy exchange crypto trading bot

HaasBot trading bots are now officially supported on Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange

We’ve added our crypto trading bot support for Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange. The Alchemy exchange is a newly launched exchange that currently supports 8 trading pairs and is continually adding support for new trade pairs. We have seamlessly integrated the Alchemy API with our software to ensure all of your our trade bots including the Crypto Index, Exchange Arbitrage, and Mad Hatter crypto trading bots perform their tasks reliably.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Comparison – Features and Benefits

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform is no small task. There are now more than 100 from which to choose; many of them aren’t available to everyone and, they all vary considerably in terms of features and functionality.

To help you choose the exchange that best suits your needs, let’s review the basics of how exchanges operate, their fundamental differences and why choosing the right one is important to investing success.

Disclaimer: The following details about cryptocurrency trading are not advice, and you are urged to exercise due diligence before investing in any market, platform or cryptocurrency.

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How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Beginners – A Guide

How to trade Cryptocurrency with our Crypto Trading Bot

How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Cryptocurrency made headlines throughout 2017 for its volatility and the huge profits made by investors. Savvy traders bet that currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum would continue to rise – and cashed in as brands like Cryptokitties introduced thousands of eager new investors into the marketplace. How can you get involved in cryptocurrency, and is trading the right approach for you?

Discovering what virtual currency is and how it works is essential if you are getting involved in cryptocurrency trading. Like any volatile investment, there are risks involved with cryptocurrency trading; education is vital before you begin trading.

Disclaimer: The following details about cryptocurrency trading are not advice, and you are urged to exercise due diligence before investing in any market, platform or currency

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Deribit Exchange Support

Deribit future & options Bitcoin trading bots exchange

Our Bitcoin Trading Bots now support the Deribit Exchange!

We’ve added Bitcoin trading bot support for Deribit, a bitcoin futures and options exchange. Deribit is a next-generation bitcoin derivatives exchange that currently supports bitcoin and US dollar pairs. We have ensured our integration with the Deribit API works seamlessly with all of your favorite cryptocurrency trading bots including the Ping Pong, Scalper, and Zone Recovery bots.

Deribit is a well-established exchange that has been in operation since 2014.  With over 95% of assets are in cold storage, you can rest assured they take security seriously. Their further commitment to speed and user satisfaction has garnered a very respectable reputation in the cryptocurrency community.

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KuCoin Exchange Support

KuCoin automated crypto trading bot integration

Our Automated Crypto Trading Bots are available on KuCoin

Anotha one! We’ve added automated crypto trading support for the KuCoin exchange, which has one of the largest selections of trending, well-known, and rare cryptocurrency pairs available on the markets. KuCoin works great when paired with our market making, flash crash, or mad hatter trade bots.

KuCoin offers competitive fees, good trade volume, reliable API connections, competitions, rewards, and much more so try them out and give us your feedback!

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Huobi Exchange Support bitcoin trading bot integration

Our Bitcoin Trading Bot is now on Huobi

Okay, you’ve been asking for us to integrate more high-volume cryptocurrency exchanges that allow your Bitcoin trading bot to reliably execute your custom trade strategies — so we’ve just added support for Huobi 😀

Huobi offers competitive fees, high trade volume, reliable connections, and much more so check them out and give us your feedback!

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