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All About Cryptocurrency Taxes in 2020

Cryptocurrency taxes crypto trading bots

Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency Taxes

Trading cryptocurrency has become easier than ever, thanks to the development of sophisticated exchange platforms and new, user-friendly storage options. Yet there is one issue that can prove challenging for even relatively advanced traders: Cryptocurrency and taxes.

Given that the penalties for failing to accurately track, file, and pay taxes on cryptocurrency gains can be substantial, it’s vitally important that traders are equipped with up-to-date tax information.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about how to report cryptocurrency on taxes. You can also reference our latest article we did with

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Trading Bot Giveaway for YouTube Subscribers (RT+REPLY+SUBSCRIBE)

Trading Bot Giveaway Details

Oh, hey looks like it’s time for a surprise trading bot giveaway. This time around we’d like to know what your favorite cryptocurrency exchange is! To enter all you have to do is: retweet our contest tweet with your favorite crypto exchange tagged and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You must meet all of the listed requirements below to be eligible, no purchase necessary. We will announce the winners via Twitter on September 24, 2018 to gather your details, confirm your YouTube subscription, and activate your 3-month Beginner license* for HaasOnline Trade Server.

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Crypto Trading Bot Giveaway on Twitter (RT+FOLLOW+REPLY)

Crypto trading bot Twitter giveaway contest

Crypto Trading Bot Giveaway Details

Yeah, yeah, we know… another crypto trading bot giveaway. However, we honestly want to know which of our cryptocurrency trading bots are your preferred tools to work with.  To enter all you have to do is: follow our Twitter account and retweet our tweet with your answer.  You must meet all three of the listed requirements to be eligible, no purchase necessary.  We will inform the winners via Twitter DM or Reply on August 5, 2018 to gather your details and activate your 3-month Beginner license* for HaasOnline Trade Server.

* You may not resell or trade promotional licenses, if in violation they will be terminated immediately.
** If you’re a current customer we will add the additional term length to an active license.

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Lunar Digital Assets x HaasOnline Strategic Partnership

Lunar Digital Assets a retail Bitcoin cryptocurrency index fund

Leveraging HaasOnline as a Technology Partner

Hot off the heels of a slough of new product integrations (Discord, TradingView, KuCoin, and and speaking at the ASROC conference where we met with some bright minds including, Han Yoon the CEO of Lunar Digital Assets. We’re proud to announce we’ve come to a strategic partnership with Lunar Digital Assets, where we will be facilitating critical new infrastructure that will allow LDA’s AI the liquidity it requires as well as help make precise and smarter automated trade decisions. LDA has proven themselves with their latest set of trading algorithms and now that they’re harnessing the power of our HaasOnline Trade Server we hope to see an explosion of growth with their new products.

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Our continued effort to protect user data and improve transparency

GDPR Bitcoin trade bots

At HaasOnline, we value your privacy. So, we’re letting you know about some changes we’ve made to our Privacy and Cookie Policies. These changes go into effect on 25th of May, 2018.

These changes reflect the new rules set by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But because we want every HaasOnline customer to enjoy these rights, we’ve rolled them out globally.

Here’s a quick summary of the updates:

  • We’ve made it easier for you to update your communication preferences
  • We’ve added information on how we use cookies and other tracking technologies
  • We’ve more clearly set out how we work with our partners and other third parties

By using HaasOnline products or website on or after that date, you’ll be agreeing to the changes. If you have questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us at using our support page.

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Investment firm New Dawn launches the world’s first public crypto fund

New Dawn Bitcoin crypto investment fund

We’re proud to announce that one of our partners, investment firm New Dawn, has recently launched the world’s first public cryptocurrency and blockchain asset fund. Their goal is to provide cryptocurrency investors with access to a breadth of assets and investments across the blockchain industry. The team at HaasOnline is very excited that New Dawn is using our trade platform and crypto trade bots, often referred to as HaasBots, to execute their proprietary trade strategy.

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HaasBot 3.1.1 is now Available

With our latest Haas Trade Server release there are several new bug fixes and features. We’re proud to announce two new HaasBots to our line up, the Crypto Index Bot and our C# script. Our Crypto Index Bot will allow you to grow a diversified crypto currency portfolio and the C# Script bot is geared towards advanced users who want to code their own bot. There have also been various updates for API changes that were impacting HaasBot capability with a couple crypto exchanges.

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Haasbot 2.2 Beta Build 1 has been released!

Its that time again, Beta Testing time! We have been working very hard over the last few weeks to bring you Haasbot 2.2. Haasbot 2.2 is a major update that includes a ton of new and innovative features! The new features include candlestick pattern recognition indicators, new insurances that will activate/deactivate trading based on the market (either sideways or volatile), whitesever and chart loading optimizations, completely redesign marketview page with live order books on exchanges with websocket integration, OKCoin support for spot trading (futures trading will be implemented in a future beta build), as well as numerous other optimizations and fixes.

haasbot bitcoin pattern recognition

Because of the massive overhaul and addition of features, we need your help for beta testing! We have gone through and tested everything, but we want your feedback and we need you guys to stress our whiteservers so that we can make sure our solution is resilient.

Here is a list of new features and the change log:

New features:
[Indicators] Deviation (offset) added
[Indicators] ChartType (now select between normal candles or Heiken-Ashi)
[Indicators] Stand-alone Indicators Option (excludes an indicator for the normal sequence and make it an stand-alone signal, checked by insurances of course)
[Indicator] CandleStick Pattern Indicator is added.
[Insurance] TrendingTrend1 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is volatile (Short Term).
[Insurance] TrendingTrend2 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is volatile. (Mid Term.
[Insurance] TrendingTrend3 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is volatile. (Long Term).
[Insurance] SideTrend1 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is sideways. (Short Term).
[Insurance] SideTrend2 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is sideways. (Mid Term).
[Insurance] SideTrend3 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is sideways. (Long Term).
[Marketview] Trade window can now be dragged across the window and closed.
[Marketview] Functionalities for the Trade Window:
– Click on the chart to selected to select that price.
– Click on a price in the orderbook to select that price.
– When doing a sell, clicking on the base currency will selected that amount.
– When doing a buy & put a price in, clicking on the quota currency will calculate the amount.
– Wallet will update in the window.
[MarketView] Added the ability to show indicators.
[MarketView] Added the ability to highlight specific Candle Patterns (aka candlestick pattern analysis)
[MarketView] Added the ability to show Heiken-Ashi
[Marketview] You open order will highlighted in the Orderbook (when available and in view)
[Marketview] Indicators added to the Marketview. Click on the name to select the indicator. Click on save to save the changed settings and reload the chart.
[Marketview] Candle Pattern Recognition added. 60+ Patterns can be selected.
[Marketview] Heiken-Ashi candlesticks are added. Selectable through the Settings on the left.
[Marketview] There are now in total 24 drawing tools. (13 more are added since last update).
[Marketview] Drawing-Tools-Settings can be dragged across the window.
[Marketview] Orders can be cancelled by clicking on the highlighted order in the orderbook.
[Dashboard] The Full Stop window has a wider functionality. Start/Stop per type of bot and selected bots. (click on the bot to (de)selected the bot)
[Dashboard] Trade Bot coin position is displayed between the trade-amount and last update time.
[Trade Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Trade Bot] Trade Bot Trades is a button now.
[Trade Bot] Fine-tuning feature added.
[Arbitrage Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Arbitrage Bot] Added option to “trade now” on an arbitrage route
[Order Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Order Bot] Added indicators to the view (cosmetic only). Click on the name to select the indicator. Click on save to save the changed settings and reload the chart.
[Order Bot] Pattern Recognition added (cosmetic only). 60+ Pattern can be detected.
[Exchanges] Page will auto refresh every 2,5 sec and after inserting key’s.

[Framework] New added coins: Lyb, Mine, Asn, Ldoge, Omc, Zirk and Xdb
[Framework] Price push server selection improved
[Framework] Price load estimation time added
[Interface] Progress status of backtesting added
[Indicators] Benchmark speed increased with about 50%
[MarketView] Expanded the drawing toolset to the maximum

[Exchanges] Support for Camp-BX is dropped since they don’t allow customers to withdraw coins.

Bug fixes:
[OrdersEngine] Solve max limit bug

Coming Soon:
[Script-bot] Enable script-bots

As usual, please let us know if you find any issues and let us know if you want something added so that we can make Haasbot 2.2 the best release build possible! We are just getting started with innovative features and this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have planned!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot 2.1 has been released

Welcome to Haasbot 2.1. We are pleased to announce that we are releasing this somewhat major update! There are quite a few changes as well as the much anticipated integration with the whiteserver network. This release also addresses the issues that users had with Cryptsy, so you guys should be good to with this.

In addition, we are going to start powering on with more beta builds for Haasbot 2.1.1, so get ready beta testing team! We have very ambitious plans, such as speeding up the price polling to around 1 second. This will be an option, as it will require more CPU resources, but we will finally be able to allow users to do some real time trading with haasbot! This is a big step for us and it will push our whiteserver network to the limit 🙂 We would also like to announce that we have gotten half of the exchanges we support to whitelist our whiteservers, which will enable us to get going with real time trading. I cannot give an ETA on this yet, but thats the direction we are heading. We will also be adding orderbook data for the marketview page, as well as for the trade bots, so you will have everything you need to do manual trades via the marketview page.

[Exchanges] TestAPI removed (please use the SandboxAPI instead)
[Exchanges] Virtex support dropped
[Arbitrage-bot] On request the default response is set to stop the bot if a arbitrage-route fails
[FrameWork] Native price tracking made optional to use
[Indicator] CCI made available for Simple licenses
[Indicator] IchimokuClouds made available for Simple licenses
[Marketview] Left side has undergone a complete transformation. (we added Lines, Fibonacci Fans and Fibonacci Resentment for now)

New features:
[Framework] Push price server implemented (and activated by default)
[Arbitrage-bot] Option added to select what to do at failed arbitrage trading route
[Indicator] (P)SAR added
[Indicator] Bollinger Bands added
[Indicator] SlowRSI added (this is a SMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] FastRSI added (this is a EMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] WeightedRSI added (this is a WMA over an RSI)
[Dashboard] All the lights are now clickable. They will lead you to the cause of the light.
[Dashboard] Extended filter with a sort function (A-Z & Z-A)
[Dashboard] Bots are now draggable. Function can be enabled in the filter-popup

[Framework] Several CPU load reductions done
[Framework] Chart data is partially upgraded
[Indicator] StochRSI upgraded (both lengths made adjustable)
[Indicator] Script-indicator upgraded

Bug fixes:
[Exchange] Bittrex Order Tracking is fixed.
[Pairs] Bitfinex supported pairs re-aligned
[Interface] Default login text added to login
[Indicator] Script-indicator charts
[Dashboard] Order Bot display will load now.

– More translations will be added soon.
– Script-bots will be added soon.
– Trend insurances

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

~ Haasonline Software Team