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Discord Notifications Integration

Discord cryptocurrency trade bot notifications

24/7/365 Notifications for your Crypto Trade Bot via Discord

This new feature falls in line with our current plans to continue migration of our current community members from the forum and Telegram platforms to a central Discord server. It is with our continued commitment to improve, grow, and nurture our online community that led us to integrate our platform with your own Discord server that will provide you with real-time notifications.

Here’s a few of the benefits with our new integration:

  • Each trade bot has their own notification settings independent of each other
  • Trade bot’s order statuses (success, canceled, etc.)
  • Trade bot’s trade amount and order execution notifications

For the complete list of notifications and features available with this integration please read more from our documentation.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know by using our official support or by joining our Discord server to contribute topics and issues to our online community.

The HaasOnline Team