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HaasBot 3.1.1 is now Available

With our latest Haas Trade Server release there are several new bug fixes and features. We’re proud to announce two new HaasBots to our line up, the Crypto Index Bot and our C# script. Our Crypto Index Bot will allow you to grow a diversified crypto currency portfolio and the C# Script bot is geared towards advanced users who want to code their own bot. There have also been various updates for API changes that were impacting HaasBot capability with a couple crypto exchanges.

New Features
– New Custom Bot: Crypto Index Bot with Individual Coin Growth
– New Custom Bot: C# Script Bot.
– Bot Performance Analyzer “Return On Investment Per Day” added.
– New Trade Bot Safety “Deactivate bot after X active minutes”
– New Trade Bot Safety “Deactivate bot after X idle minutes”
– Password for telegram menu. Optional.
– Backtest Remote.

– [Framework] Binance API changes implemented
– [Framework] New BBands fixed.

No download or installation is required, all updates are released using an rolling update system. This means all updates will be downloaded and installed as soon as they are available. In the event this is not working you can always run the Updater application which is installed aside the software.

Be sure to report any issues you are experiencing. You can contact us if you have any questions or need assistance setting the trade server.  Be sure to join our official Telegram community to learn and share strategies with other community members.

~ HaasOnline Software Team