Leveraging HaasOnline as a Technology Partner

Hot off the heels of a slough of new product integrations (Discord, TradingView, KuCoin, and Houbi.pro) and speaking at the ASROC conference where we met with some bright minds including, Han Yoon the CEO of Lunar Digital Assets. We’re proud to announce we’ve come to a strategic partnership with Lunar Digital Assets, where we will be facilitating critical new infrastructure that will allow LDA’s AI the liquidity it requires as well as help make precise and smarter automated trade decisions. LDA has proven themselves with their latest set of trading algorithms and now that they’re harnessing the power of our HaasOnline Trade Server we hope to see an explosion of growth with their new products.

“The decision for a strategic partnership with HaasOnline came as a no-brainer.”
Han Yoon, CEO of Lunar Digital Assets

Some benefits our strategic partners see when leveraging our expertise:

  • HaasOnline Trade Server® consolidates multiple exchange trade pairs, market data, back-testing and simulation to a single intuitive user interface that allow a smaller team to manage complex cryptocurrency strategies.
  • HaasOnline® HaasBots® allow the LDA team to quickly test and deploy fully automated trade strategies using our robust framework and creating highly complex models using C#.
  • Our Professional Services team works closely with our partners to understand goals, evaluate trade infrastructure and then implement tailored solutions, providing ongoing services including consulting and design.

Overview of Lunar Digital Assets

LDA is a team of innovators, builders, and inventors who are passionate about blockchain technology as well as driving innovation across the entire cryptocurrency landscape. LDA plans on launching a new cryptocurrency index fund aimed at retail investors later this year.

A few of the products they maintain include:

  • Live Market Overview
    This tool allows you to watch the flow of money in and out of multiple cryptocurrencies in real-time
  • Market Health and Sentiment
    This feature give you a quick glance of the market’s health and sentiment calculated by analyzing a myriad of data sources
  • Eclipse Technical Scanner
    If you’ve ever wanted to find good entry opportunities, based off your trading style, this tool will benefit you

If you’d like to learn more about their products and services head on over to their website.

Interested in Partnership?

If you think we would complement your company or non-profit organization with our disruptive automated trade bot technology please get in touch with us. We can help expedite your product to market, improve your margins, and solve complex blockchain and cryptocurrency related issues.

See our growing list of partnerships, which are available on our Partners section.

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