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Investment firm New Dawn launches the world’s first public crypto fund

New Dawn Bitcoin crypto investment fund

We’re proud to announce that one of our partners, investment firm New Dawn, has recently launched the world’s first public cryptocurrency and blockchain asset fund. Their goal is to provide cryptocurrency investors with access to a breadth of assets and investments across the blockchain industry. The team at HaasOnline is very excited that New Dawn is using our trade platform and crypto trade bots, often referred to as HaasBots, to execute their proprietary trade strategy.

Our bitcoin trade platform can handle the any of the difficult tasks you demand of it, but it’s also capable of simple tasks like technical analysis or back-testing your trade strategy.  HaasOnline Trade Server is tried and true, we’re the original bitcoin bot platform and continue to innovate when others imitate.  We’re proud to be powering one of the world’s first cryptocurrency asset funds and look forward to other new and exciting ventures.

New Dawn Fund Pty Ltd is a company registered in Australia. For those who would like to read more about their asset fund, please refer to their Product Disclosure Statement for risks and information about the fund.

New Dawn is a certified partner of HaasOnline who has passed all legal, educational, ethical, and performance requirements to our satisfaction.

For more information please check out this review of their fund.