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BitMEX is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to leveraged crypto trading exchanges. This could be attributed to their often controversial and flamboyant CEO, Aurthur Hayes. However, BitMEX is a serious platform where traders can use large amounts of leverage to make massive profits or lessons learned.

Traders who rely on BitMEX as a staple in their trading strategy are there because they're one of the few platforms to offer up-to 100x leverage. Using leverage can exponentially increase your trading profitability, however this increased exposure to risk should be taken into account while trading with leverage.

Reduce emotional trading by designing a BitMEX trading bot to take advantage of specific market conditions using high-quality signals processed from a wide-array of technical indicators. Using HaasBots on BitMEX is a great way to maximize your limited time and profitability while you handle other real-life errands.

Integrating our trading bots with your BitMEX account is quick and easy. It takes only a few minutes to configure and best of all, you never have to authorize withdrawal permissions or even give full account access unlike other automated trading platforms.

  • Location Seychelles
  • Founded 2014
  • Daily Volume Unavailable ₿
  • Markets 120
  • Currencies 2
  • Trading Methods Leverage
  • Register
  • 100x Leverage

    BitMEX offers up-to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and high leverage on altcoin contracts with no forced expiration.

  • Industry-Leading Security

    Using BitMEX means employing the latest multi-factor security for your trading account. Safety is one of their primary goals.

  • High Liquidity

    BitMEX’s XBTUSD market is the most liquid in the world, which helps create a positive crypto trading environment.

  • Advanced API

    The trading engine that powers BitMEX is said to be built using the same technology used by investment banks and hedge funds.

  • Competitive Trading Fees

    Enjoy some of the most competitive trading fees available on any major leverage enabled crypto exchange.

  • No Deposit or Withdrawal Fee

    You can freely deposit and withdraw while using your BitMEX wallet. The only fees are set dynamically via the Bitcoin Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are trading bots allowed on BitMEX?

    Yes, BitMEX allows the use of trading bots. Automated trading can be set up through generating API keys on the exchange, providing seamless execution of algorithmic strategies.

    If you're considering using trade bots on BitMEX, HaasOnline offers free subscriptions, such as TradeServer Cloud Lite, allowing you to deploy a free trading bot on BitMEX and other exchanges. Take advantage of the free subscription to optimize your trading bot experience.

    We are listed on as official BitMEX trading bot partners along with other providers on their website.

  • What are the trading fees on Bitmex?

    BitMEX applies a maker-taker fee model to its trades. The fees are calculated based on the notional value of the order, which is the total value of the contracts involved in the order. The notional value is measured in USD.

    For the perpetual contracts and traditional futures contracts on the lowest tier (<$1,000,000), the fees are:

    1. Maker fee: -0.025%
    2. Taker fee: 0.02%

    For the spot markets, the fees are:

    1. Maker fee: 0%
    2. Taker fee: 0%

    If the maker fees for perpetual contracts and traditional futures contracts is negative it means that the trader receives a rebate for adding liquidity to the market. On the other hand, positive taker fees are charged when the trader removes liquidity from the market.

    Specific fees may have changed, you can verify the current BitMEX trading fee structure on their website or contact their support for accurate information.

  • What are profitable BitMEX trading strategies?

    It should be noted that while past performance is not a guarantee of future results, several automated trading strategies have historically shown profitability on BitMEX. You can consider deploying the following strategies:

    1. Scalping: Profit from small price movements by executing multiple trades with small profit margins.
    2. Market making: Take advantage of bid-ask spreads by placing limit orders on both sides of the order book, earning from the difference.
    3. Trend-following: Utilize technical indicators, such as moving averages or MACD, to identify and follow market trends, buying during upward momentum and selling during downward trends.
    4. Mean reversion: Take advantage of temporary price deviations from their historical averages, buying when prices are below the average and selling when they are above.
    5. Breakout trading: Identify and trade assets with strong momentum, either buying into a rising market or shorting a falling market, based on various technical indicators.

    Use backtesting and paper trading to evaluate each strategy before deploying them. Furthermore, you should always closely monitor your trading bot's performance and adjust your strategies as needed.

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