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The original Poloniex was started in 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta in Delaware, USA. However, in early 2018, Poloniex was acquired by Goldman Sachs backed startup Circle. Most recently their parent company, Circle, spun Poloniex into its own entity and plans to move out of the U.S. market.

As Poloniex still remains to be one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges, it has certainly seen some of the largest trading volumes and once had the biggest selection of altcoins available for traders all over the world. Now that Poloniex has cleaned up their act, they offer a secure platform with a stable trading API, which has been seamlessly integrated into HaasOnline Trade Server.

Traders who are deploying Poloniex trading bots as part of their overall automated trading strategy are able to find profitable arbitrage paths to and from Poloniex because of their fast settlement times and reliable API.

Getting your Poloniex trading bots up and running takes a few minutes once you’ve installed HaasOnline Trade Server. Enjoy enhanced security knowing that our products do not need full account access or even withdraw permission to function unlike other automated trading products.

  • Location Seychelles
  • Founded 2014
  • Daily Volume 9,840 ₿
  • Markets 989
  • Currencies 882
  • Trading Methods Spot
  • Register https://haas.bot/poloniex
  • Insured

    The Poloniex exchange has insurance coverage for all the crypto assets on their platform. Meaning that if there were a catastrophic event your assets are safe.

  • Securely Stored

    Traders who use Poloniex will know that they’re deeply committed to security and store a significant portion of customer funds offline in cold-storage.

  • Fast API

    The API available from Poloniex allows HaasOnline traders to deploy complex algorithms and trading bot strategies to deliver better alpha.

  • Responsible

    Poloniex works to protect traders by working with regulators and industry peers to set standards and follow best practices.

  • Competitive Fees

    Users who trade on this platform know that they’re enjoying some of the lowest maker and taker fees available on a highly liquid exchange.

  • 60+ Cryptocurrencies

    Trade dozens of crypto assets, from BTC and ETH to popular altcoins and stablecoins and other innovative crypto projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Poloniex allow trading bots?

    Definitely, Poloniex is compatible with trading bots. Utilize the integration between Poloniex and HaasOnline with their free subscription plans, including TradeServer Cloud Lite, to deploy strategies like arbitrage, market making, and grid trading. Ensure thorough backtesting, paper trading, and performance monitoring for optimal results.

  • What are trading fees on Poloniex?

    Similar to almost all other exchanges, Poloniex uses the maker-taker fee model, which means that fees are different for makers (those who create liquidity by placing limit orders) and takers (those who take liquidity by filling orders). Fees are determined based on your 30-day trading volume, with higher volume you enjoy lower fees.

    If you have a lower trading volume (less than $100,000 in the past 30 days), the spot fees are:

    1. Maker fee: 0.2%
    2. Taker fee: 0.2%

    As your 30-day trading volume increases, the fees decrease. For example, if your 30-day trading volume is between $100,000 and $200,000, the maker fee drops to 0.1150% and the taker fee to 0.1250%.

    Keep in mind that specific fees may have changed, so always verify the current Poloniex fee structure on their website or contact their support for accurate information.

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