KuCoin is one of the fastest-growing digital asset exchanges that offers exclusively non-fiat trading pairs, which is now well over 350 crypto pairs from BTC/XRP, BTC/ETH, and many more. They’re a Hong Kong based company managed by KuCoin Co. Limited and have been around since early 2017.

There are other major exchanges that have competitive trading fees, but make up for it with higher withdrawal fees if you plan on moving your assets from exchange to exchange. Not KuCoin. KuCoin charges a nominal withdrawal fee amounting to 0.0005 BTC when withdrawing in BTC, making this exchange great for arbitraging paths.

Maintaining a profitability streaks are no easy task, this is why we choose to integrate HaasOnline with exchanges, like KuCoin. This gives our traders an edge with wider profit margins because of their reduced trading fees by paying with the KCS token and reliable trading API.

Creating and deploying KuCoin trading bots with HaasOnline is quick and easy. It takes only a few minutes to configure and best of all, you never have to give anyone withdrawal permissions or full account access.

The ability to integrate and execute automated trades on KuCoin is available with all our available plans, regardless of the plan term. We never take fees from profitable trades or restrict execution of trades based on account activity.1

Exchange Details

  • Location Not Available
  • Daily Volume ฿ Not Available
  • Website Visit KuCoin

Available Trading Methods

  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Leverage Trading

Exchange Features

  • Proxy Servers
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Order Minimums
  • Trading Pairs & Liquidity

    While trading on KuCoin you have access to a large selection of trading pairs from major to the latest ICOs.

  • Cutting-edge Security

    KuCoin is one of the very few crypto exchanges that can still claim to have never been hacked, which is an impressive feat for user security.

  • Reduced Trading Fees

    Similar to other major exchanges, KuCoin offers reduced trading fees when paying with their own token (KCS).

  • Competitions

    Another unique feature that makes KuCoin stand out among other major exchanges is that they offer trading promotions and competitions.

  • Customer Service

    With millions of customers using KuCoin for their crypto trading needs -- there’s no surprise they offer top-notch customer support.

  • Investor Backed

    KuCoin is backed by international investment giants, IDG Capital, which helps ensure solvency and resources for the KuCoin project.

Create KuCoin trading bots with HaasOnline

Use the only privacy-focused on-premise solution developed for advanced KuCoin cryptocurrency trading.

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1 KuCoin may have trade fees, trade limits, and/or API restrictions.
2 Final price may differ due to market fluctuations, exchange rates, and rounding.
3 Exchange data provided by CoinGecko.
4 Charting library and price data provided by HaasOnline.