Shortly after Binance launched Binance Futures, they also launched Binance.US in late 2019. Binance.US is a digital asset marketplace, powered by matching engine and wallet technologies licensed from the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. They’re geared towards the United States cryptocurrency market and are operated by BAM Trading Services based in San Francisco, California. Catherine Coley, a former Ripple executive leads the team as their first CEO.

Binance.US is a direct competitor to exchanges like Coinbase Pro and offer a fast, secure and reliable trading api to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Traders can choose from dozens of USD crypto pairs as well as the top crypto-to-crypto pairs.

Sustaining profitability can be a daunting task, that’s why we choose to integrate with exchanges, like Binance.US, exchanges like this give our traders wider profit margins by reduced trading fees from paying with BNB and a reliable trading API.

Creating and deploying Binance.US trading bots with HaasOnline is quick and easy. It takes only a few minutes to configure and best of all, you never have to give anyone withdrawal permissions or full account access.

The ability to integrate and execute automated trades on Binance.US is available with all our available plans, regardless of the plan term. We never take fees from profitable trades or restrict execution of trades based on account activity.1

Exchange Details

  • Location Not Available
  • Daily Volume ฿ Not Available
  • Website Visit Binance.US

Available Trading Methods

  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Leverage Trading

Exchange Features

  • Proxy Servers
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Order Minimums
  • Lightning Fast

    Binance.US offers unwavering performance with a trusted world-class matching engine, supporting up to 1,400,000 orders per second.

  • Secure

    Binance.US claims to use a state-of-the-art safe storage technology that offers maximum security of your crypto and fiat assets.

  • Competitive Fees

    Binance.US trading fees start at 0.1% and are quickly reduced each trade a user executes, making them one of the most attractive places to trade.

  • Reduced Fees

    While using Binance.US for trading you can choose to pay via the Binance token (BNB) and get up-to a 25% discount on trading fees.

  • Focused Market

    Binance.US is geared towards servicing the United State market, which is reflected by the limited number of available pairs in their current markets.

  • HaasBot Friendly API

    Trading on Binance.US with HaasOnline couldn’t be easier. Simply generate your restricted API key and plug it into their price driver.

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1 Binance.US may have trade fees, trade limits, and/or API restrictions.
2 Final price may differ due to market fluctuations, exchange rates, and rounding.
3 Exchange data provided by CoinGecko.
4 Charting library and price data provided by HaasOnline.