Standard Trade Bot

This crypto trade bot is anything but standard. It is one of the more advanced trade bots available with HaasOnline TradeServer. Using our crypto trade bot allows you to create spot, margin, or leverage trade bots and compile your own trading strategy using different technical indicators, chart settings, order types, safeties, and insurances. The goal was to provide traders with a method to easily replicate most trading strategies with speed.

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Standard Trade Bot

Other Information

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License Availability

  • Beginner
  • Simple
  • Advanced

Trade Bot Restrictions

  • Up to 10 Instances on the Beginner plan
  • Up to 20 Instances on the Simple plan
  • Unrestricted on the Advanced plan

Standard Trade Bot FAQ

Can I use signals from multiple technical indicators?

Absolutely. The crypto trade bot allows you to choose from a large number of included technical indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and so on. You can even choose to only execute trades if all the signals are in consensus.

Does this trading bot use 1 minute chart intervals?

This trading bot allows you to choose from 1 to 30 minute chart intervals as well as several different chart styles, volume, signal, and heat map.

Can this trade bot cover trade fees and stop trading on a loss?

In addition to technical indicators, you can choose to include insurances and safeties which help mitigate unnecessary risk. Use the “Overcome fee cost” to protect against making trades where the fees are greater than the profit. Use the “stop loss” safety to disable trading once a loss has been detected.

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