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  • Crypto Trading Bots
  • Crypto Trading Bots
  • Crypto Trading Bots

The Legendary HaasBot

We provide a few ways to automate trades. Highly configurable trade bots, pre-built trading bots, or developed using HaasScript.

  • Backtestable Strategies

    Our robust backtesting engines allow you to refine your trading bots using historical data and establish the best combination of parameters to buy or sell.

  • Simulated Paper Trading

    Safely test trade logic in real-time without risking your capital. Use live crypto market movements to refine your crypto trading bots using simulated paper trading.

  • Minimal Configuration

    Use the included HaasBot trading bots with historically proven trading strategies and let them trade around your schedule, 24 hours, day or night.

  • Leverage Automation

    Minimize mistakes by leveraging automation to complete mundane and repetitive tasks. Use your improved efficiency to focus on perfecting strategies.

  • Notifications & Reporting

    Stay current with your trading activity by integrating directly with Telegram or Discord. See live updates on profits, losses and other valuable trade metrics.

  • Developer Ready

    Use custom trade bots, which can be developed with HaasScript or C#. Our framework allows developers to fully customize trade bots or technical indicators to recreate any strategy or signal.

  • Highly flexible crypto trade bot

    A highly flexible crypto trading bot

    Unlike our custom crypto trading bots which are pre-built for specific trading strategies, the trade bots are highly flexible. This allows you to configure technical indicators, chart settings, safeties, and insurances to replicate just about any trading strategy with a few clicks.

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  • Prebuilt custom crypto trading bots

    Pre-built crypto trading bots

    Traders getting familiar with automated trading prefer to use our pre-built trading strategies. These custom bots are loaded with historically-proven strategies that only require you to configure settings in order to deploy on an exchange.

    Beginner Plan Simple Plan Advanced Plan
    • Advanced Crypto Index ›

      Our advanced index trading bot gives you greater control over your self-managed index.

    • C# Script ›

      Use your own custom scripts for trading.

    • Flash Crash ›

      Quickly deploy grid-based trading bots to protect your positions.

    • Inter-Exchange Arbitrage ›

      Take advantage of spread discrepancies between exchanges.

    • Market Maker ›

      Quickly add liquidity to markets.

    • Zone Recovery ›

      Designed to perform risk management for open positions on leveraged accounts.

    • Intelli Alice ›

      Created using data sets and machine learning for premium markets.

    • Mad Hatter ›

      Not your average bot; this one's a bit mad.

    • Accumulation ›

      Let the accumulation trading bot buy or sell your coin of choice while hiding your true position.

    • Crypto Index ›

      Maintain your own self-managed crypto index.

    • Email Alerts ›

      This trading bot allows you to integrate TradingView email alerts as signals for your HaasBots.

    • Order ›

      Simply places predefined orders in sequences as each target price is reached.

    • Ping Pong ›

      A different approach to scalping.

    • Scalper Bot ›

      Great for taking a little bit of crypto off the top.

    • Standard Trade Bot ›

      Highly configurable with loads of features make this the most advanced cryptocurrency bot on the market.

    • Trend Line ›

      Simply draw trendlines on a market chart to define your parameters.

  • Scripts powered by HaasScript

    Use HaasScript for even more control

    We’ve developed the world’s most advanced crypto scripting language, HaasScript. Use the drag-and-drop visual designer to generate scripts without coding, or use our intelligent text-based editor to carefully craft your scripts line-by-line.

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