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The World Famous HaasBot

Total Privacy, No Trade Fees, No Trade Volume Restrictions, Fast Installation

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  • Crypto Trading Bots
  • Crypto Trading Bots

The Legendary HaasBot Trading Bot

Often imitated, never duplicated. Stack technical indicators, safeties, and insurances to create your ultimate automated trade strategy.

  • Historical & Real-time Backtesting

    Backtest your automated trade strategies with historical or real-time data to see how your trade bots perform in different market conditions.

  • Complete Privacy

    Stay out of Cloud with HaasOnline Trade Server. Your trade bot data and exchange API keys are stored on your own secure hardware, safe from 3rd party tracking.

  • Advanced Notifications & Reporting

    Stay current with your trading activity by integrating directly with Telegram or Discord. See live updates on profits, losses and other valuable trade metrics.

  • No Hidden Fees or Restrictions

    Our comprehensive plans support all our integrated exchanges, have no restrictions on trade volume, and we never take percentages of profitable trades.

  • Multi-Exchange Support

    Leverage multiple exchanges and allow your trade bots to keep trades going even if one of your exchanges go down.

  • Developer Friendly

    Use custom scripted bots, which can be developed in HaasScript or C#. Our framework allows developers to fully customize trade bots to execute precise strategies.

Custom Crypto Trading Bots

With preconfigured crypto trading bot strategies, you can deploy your HaasBot instance with very little configuration and downtime.

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