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Updates to our HaasBot v3.2 Trading Bot Licenses

Our Haasbot bitcoin trading bot licenses have been updated

HaasBot 3.2 Trading Bot License Updates

The rumors were true… We’ve updated the details on how many concurrent trading bots you can are able to run with the Beginner and Simple licenses, the Advanced license remains unchanged.

One common complaint we’d often hear is how you wanted to be able to run more of the same bots at once, but you were being limited by the per bot restriction.  Well, we’ve removed the per bot limitations and replaced that with a global concurrent bot limit.

For instance, if you had a Beginner license and were already running 2 scalper trade bots on exchanges, you would not be able to run a 3rd scalper trade bot on any cryptocurrency exchange at the same time.  You were previously limited to 16 total concurrent crypto trading bots and could only run 2 of each available trade bot at the same time.

List of Trade Bot Updates

Beginner License Simple License
Trade Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Accumulation Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Order Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Ping Pong Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Scalper Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Trend Lines Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Crypto Index Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
TradingView Email Bot Up to 10 Up to 20
Intelli Bot Alice Up to 20
Mad Hatter Bot Up to 20
Total Concurrent 10 Max 20Max

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