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HaasBot 3.0.87 Beta is now available

We’re proud to announce several new features, including a new HaasBot. Our Crypto Index HaasBot allows you to grow your altcoin portfolio like a professional — we’ve created a YouTube video to help understand this new trade bot. We’ve improved our Bollinger Bands technical indicator as well as updated one of our widgets.

Note: You need to have an active Haasbot license to participate in beta testing.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot – Individual Coin Growth.
[Framework] New improved Bollinger Bands.
[Interface] Bot dropdown added to the “Order Bot Order Table” widget.

[Framework] Total balance is more responsive.
[Framework] Crypto Index Box – Calculation issues resolved.
[Framework] Yellow “does not support concurrent I/O operations” error.
[Framework] OKEX API changes implemented.
[Framework] Indicator Scanner
[Interface] Crypto Index Box – CSS issues.
[Interface] Order Bot Full Screen – Add depend order fails.
[Interface] “Order Bot Order Table” widget menu image and text updated.

Be sure to post any issues or if you are having any issues in the operating system specific beta bug threads. You can also contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance setting anything up!  Be sure to join our official Telegram community to learn and share strategies with other community members.

~ HaasOnline Software Team