Using crypto currency trade bots to disrupt fundraising with Salvation Army

Using crypto currency trade bots to disrupt fundraising with Salvation Army

We partnered up with New Dawn and the Salvation Army to help people in Greece who have been devastated by a crippled economy.

HaasOnline is proud to have sponsored this event and we look forward to continuing this competition in the future. With your help, we were able to assist refugees who have fled to Greece and continued to face hardships. For those who may not be aware, the economic situation in Greece provides limited opportunities to those seeking refuge which made your donations all the more meaningful. These circumstances can be unimaginable for many of us and we applaud all of you for your willingness to act.

We put together an event that would allow crypto trade bots to battle. Rob Dey, from New Dawn Fund, was able to manage an ARMY trade bot running on our trade software that ended up winning the trade bot battle. Starting from only .02 BTC, Rob ended up with a final balance of .69 BTC after just 30 days of trading. All in all, the Salvation Army ended up with a donation total valued around 6,749.03 EUR.

One of the benefits of crypto currency are the companies and technology that bring innovation and ability to disrupt serious problems in creative ways. We know what our crypto currency trade platform and trade bots are capable of in the hands of experienced crypto traders and want to help raise awareness to new methods of raising funds for non-profits who embrace the crypto currency eco-system.

A special thanks to Rob Dey for contributing his expertise and time to this event and to the Salvation Army for continuing to do good around the world.

If you think we would complement your non-profit organization with creative fund raising or crypto currency advising please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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