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Optimize your crypto trading with the best AI trading bots

Harnessing the power of the HaasBot has never been this easy. Redesigned from the ground up for a streamlined experience.
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Automate gruntwork

Put your tedious and error-prone tasks like monitoring markets on auto-pilot.

Improve your edge

Use historical and live market data to test, refine, and improve your strategies.

Speed up your processes

Cover more ground in less time with a fully integrated set of tools all in one platform.

Time trades with precision

Outsource the waiting to TradeServer Cloud with alerts and automated trading bots.

Improve trade accuracy

Trades powered by strategies, formulas and math, not gut feelings.

Replicate most strategies

Use our prebuilt trading bots or use HaasScript to recreate manual trading strategies.

Trading Bots

Create durable trading strategies

Forget black box trading and take full control of your automated trading strategies. Use our purpose built scripting language, HaasScript, to develop highly durable strategies that make the most out of your target markets.

Create durable trading strategies
Risk Management

Paper Trade. Backtest. Debug.

We’ve made it easier to help prevent unnecessary risk. Use simulated paper trading with live markets, backtest with historical market data, and debug with visual or text-based script editors.

Paper Trade. Backtest. Debug.
Cloud Management

Access Anytime & Anywhere

Access powerful trading tools from your desktop, mobile, or tablet. Trade from anywhere you have an Internet connection with no software to install.

Access Anytime & Anywhere
Maintain Focus

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Focus on managing and optimizing your trading strategies and let our team of professionals manage our secure, high-speed, global infrastructure.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Our Solutions

TradeServer Enterprise

Are you a trader who demands control and customization? TradeServer Enterprise offers a robust on-premise solution. Deploy our powerful trading server on your infrastructure. Added features like machine learning will enhance your trading strategies.
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Unlock more potential with HaasScript, the world's most advanced crypto scripting language. Are you crafting intricate trading bots or complex strategies? HaasScript provides all the tools you need, including a vast library of functions with visual and intelligent editors.
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Pro Upgrade1. Completely Free2. Unrestricted Trial3.

Embark on your journey to smarter, faster, and more effective trading with HaasOnline. Sign up now for a free trial and gain immediate access to our advanced trading bots.

Are you looking to optimize your trading strategy, reduce risks, or explore automated crypto trading? HaasOnline is your ideal partner. Experience firsthand how our customizable bots can enhance your trading efficiency and accuracy.

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2 During the 3-day TradeServer Cloud Pro trial you will not be required to pay to access Pro plan features. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is disabled or if you opt for manual payments.
3 Access to premium features within TradeServer Cloud does not include third-party restrictions or unforeseen issues.