Five Questions with Lennix Lai from OKX

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Five Questions with Lennix Lai

We asked Lennix Lai, Director of financial markets at OKX, 5 questions. Lennix has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, specializing in high-frequency trading.

Get to know a little bit more about OKX and Lennix in this edition of “5 Questions”.

Questions & Answers

Q: With the recent rebrand of OKX, is it likely we can expect to see changes to existing products, new projects, and features? If so, what are you most excited about?

Lennix Lai: There won’t be a significant change in the existing products but we are always working towards improving the existing products and launching new features that benefit our users.

Q: The launch of the MetaX platform, it’s safe to say OKX sees significant value in the DeFi space. Will there be a sharper focus on DeFi offerings compared to traditional?

Lennix Lai: We definitely see a huge potential in the DeFi space and we will be launching many more products & features through MetaX. But this doesn’t mean that we will focus less on the other centralized offerings. Both of these offerings are very different and have their own audience & use cases, we’ll continue work and development on both centralized as well as decentralized offerings.

Q: With increasing volatility in the crypto market, why should people trade Crypto derivatives? Do you expect retail trading volume to grow or will less risky alternatives like Earn, Loan, and Staking taking precedence?

Lennix Lai: At times volatility makes the market even more interesting for day traders as it gives them more opportunities to trade again and again. These different products exist for different types of users who have different risk appetites. Somebody who prefers a safer investment with a stable income could go towards Earn, Loan, or staking products.

Q: As one of the more experienced financial market directors, how do you see the industry having developed during the last few years or so? What areas do you think are ripest for further expansion, and what among today’s innovations do you think will be the norm tomorrow?

Lennix Lai: The market is getting more sophisticated with more instruments designed for professionals – over the years. The crypto market is now for the serious player and has sufficient liquidity.

Q: If you had to sum up OKX’s ultimate vision for the future of cryptocurrencies, web3, and DeFi, what would that look like?

Lennix Lai: Metaverse!

About OKX

Founded in 2017, OKX is a world leading cryptocurrency exchange and ecosystem. OKX has innovatively adopted blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem and offers some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, solutions and trading tools on the market. Trusted by more than 20 million people in 180 regions across the globe, OKX’s mission is to remove barriers to wealth creation by offering access to everything the decentralized future holds. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, OKX envisions a world of financial inclusion for all through the power of crypto and decentralized finance.

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