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New Contest: Win a free 3 month advanced license by Following us on Twitter and Retweeting our Tweet

Its that time again! We are proud to be running another contest on twitter. You can enter yourself for a chance to win a free 3 month advanced license by retweeting our Tweet and following us on Twitter: @Haasonline1. The winner will be chosen on December 1st, 2014 and the winner will be announced on twitter, so this is your chance to get a free 3 month advanced license.

If the winner happens to be a current haasbot user and they do not have an advanced license, we will upgrade them to an advanced license for 2 years! Even if you have a haasbot license, now is your chance to get a free upgrade to your license.

Good Luck everyone!

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Version 1.0.24 Haasbot Update

Our latest update includes a mixture of bug fixes, new indicators, and some new features!

First of all Mintpal is removed. We had support for price tracking but this API is offline now, so we had to remove support from the software. As a direct replacement we have added BTCChina. Also for price reading only, however there is something special going on with this. BTCChina uses a different kind of technology to read the prices, something called a Push API. We have seen some very good and fast results from this so we have tried to apply this technology too at OKCoin. If this turns out to be very stable then we want to expand this technology to Bitstamp and Cryptsy.

Within the Classic interface you will also notice some improvements. We made the forms look a little more modern and we have added support for zooming and scrolling the charts to get some better insight on the details. Be also sure to check out the right mouse button menu in there. And the charts will refresh if you watch them now, this was requested a lot.

The advanced users are in special luck today with this update. As we keep on adding new indicators the Advanced license will get them first. In this case we have added in 2 new MACD type of indicators, which uses a slightly different momentum compared to the existing ones. And we have added 2 new safeties to keep a bot on Bought or Sold. All these new items will come to the Simple license too on the next update.

And as last we again added in support for the most recent coins from all the exchanges we support.

We (as a team) hope you like our improvements and we sure hope you will be making some real good trades thanks to them. Its a exiting time again these days.

Resources for the new Features:

MA Zero Cross Indicator
MACD Zero Cross Indicator
Force Bot to Sold Position Safety
Force Bot to Bought Position Safety

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Winner of the 3 Month Advanced License is…

And the winner of the 3 month advanced license via the twitter contest is @petermarshalld!. We would like to congratulate Peter and we hope that he enjoys the power of the advanced haasbot license. We may be running another contest like this soon, so be sure to pay attention to our blog and social media accounts for a chance to win. Good luck trading!

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Win a 3 month Advanced License by following us on twitter and retweeting this tweet.

Do you want to win a free 3 month Haasbot Advaned License? Well now is your change. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and then retweet our “Win a free advanced license” tweet. If the winner happens to be a current Haasbot user who does not have an advanced license, we will automatically upgrade your license to the Advanced License for 2 years! We will select the winner on November 1st and we will post the winner on our blog. Good Luck everyone!

Follow us on Twitter:

Retweet this tweet:

~ Haasonline Software Team