Kraken Futures Trading Competition

For a limited time, you have a chance to win portions of the $10,000 prize pool as well as other rewards during our Kraken Futures trading bot competition.

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  • $10,000 in Rewards

    We will be giving back to our crypto community with over $10,000 in rewards through giveaways, trade bonuses, and other rewards.

  • Exclusive Access

    Our trading competition is exclusive and requires verified Kraken Futures and HaasOnline accounts to be eligible for registration.

  • Limited Time

    Our Kraken Futures trading competition is time sensitive. Once the registration expires, no new traders can enroll in the four-week event.


Rank and statistics will be updated periodically throughout the promotional period.

Rank (12/05/2020) Trader   Percentage Gain
1st diego.milla26   69.28%
2nd [hidden]   43.78%
3rd féma   22.72%
4th CryptoRusty 19.16%
5th andrewg.avendano   14.45%

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