Dive into the Depths of Trading with Kraken Futures

Discover the secrets of the Kraken and plunge into a $10,000 ocean of rewards
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  • Be the first $BTC Bonus

    Claim $100 in Bitcoin just be being one of the first 50 traders to execute trades using TradeServer 3 during the promotion.

  • Weekly Bitcoin payout

    During this promotion, $5,000 in Bitcoin for the top 5 weekly traders will be deposited directly to your Kraken Futures account.

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    We've got Official Kraken Futures & XRP merch to give out to all the participants during this promotion.

  • May the script be with you

    Harness the force of Kraken Futures trading bots and conquer new frontiers with powerful HaasScripts.

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Connect Kraken Futures

Add your API keys from Kraken Futures to TradeServer Cloud and eligible traders can begin earning rewards.
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Deploy Bots

Setup, test, and deploy your favorite trading bot strategies on Kraken Futures. Every eligible trade generates volume.
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Earn Rewards

Using HaasScript powered trade bots, you earn rewards based on eligible trading volume generated during this promotion.
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  • 1 Active exchange(s) may have API restrictions on connections originating from a single IP or account. Results will vary based on hardware and internet performance.
  • 2 We do not limit trade volume or impose fees based on trading activity. Please review your exchange's fee schedule and other limitations.
  • 3 We are not liable for any services, products, or claims provided by third parties.
  • 4 We do not guarantee any results when using third party services or products in combination with HaasOnline Trade Server.
  • 5 Community HaasScripts should be thoroughly understood and tested with intended trading pairs on desired digital asset platforms before usage.
  • 6 Terms and conditions, rewards, eligibility, and other details may change without warning at any time.

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