HaasBot trading bots are now officially supported on Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange

We’ve added our crypto trading bot support for Ionomy’s Alchemy exchange. The Alchemy exchange is a newly launched exchange that currently supports 8 trading pairs and is continually adding support for new trade pairs. We have seamlessly integrated the Alchemy API with our software to ensure all of your our trade bots including the Crypto Index, Exchange Arbitrage, and Mad Hatter crypto trading bots perform their tasks reliably.

While the Alchemy Exchange has just been released, Ionomy is no stranger to maintaining a cryptocurrency exchange. Their team had previously run the ION exchange since 2016. Ionomy also offers cryptocurrency wallets, masternode hosting, and Sharenode services Along with developing games and providing tools necessary for game developers to incentivize their games with cryptocurrency.

Several benefits include:

  • Powerful Wallets
  • Competitive Trade Fees
  • Masternode Hosting
  • Sharenode Services & Markets

If you’re looking to try a new cryptocurrency exchange, give the Alchemy exchange a try and leave some feedback!

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