The all new HaasScript revolutionizes how the world creates crypto trading strategies

We've developed HaasScript to be the world's most advanced trade automation scripting language.

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  • Minimal Coding

    Develop automated trading algorithms and HaasScripts using our smart text-based editor or use the intuitive drag-and-drop visual designer.

  • You're in Control

    Use HaasScript’s built-in functions to handle the heavy work while you focus on the overall strategy, or you might prefer to have complete control.

  • Execute like a Pro

    Trade with several positions from a single HaasScript. Develop creative strategies, such as market making with multiple entry and exit positions.

  • Take it Easy

    HaasScript makes it easy to protect your crypto assets by lowering risk with specially-crafted safeties, insurances, and technical indicators.

  • Calculations & Signals

    Extrapolate raw data from low-level indicators like RSI, SMA, and MACD or use our plug-and-play easy indicators for minimal configuration.

  • Library of 600+ Commands

    Choose functions from a growing library of over 600 commands that enable calculations, chart plotting, signal handling, position management, and more.

Powerful Crypto Trade Automation

HaasScript gives you the power to reliably create technical indicators, automated trade strategies, safeties, insurances, and much more.

  • Advanced Arbitrage Trading

  • Advanced Backtesting & Live Simulation

  • Spot, Margin & Leverage Trading

  • Managed & Unmanaged Trade Functionality

  • Open Source Crypto Trade Bots

  • Community Library of Scripts

  • Embedded Library Support

  • Generate & Analyze Signals

  • Complete Privacy & No Withdrawal Capabilities

  • Multi-Interval Historical Price Fetching

  • Custom Charting Functionality

  • Over 500+ Advanced Commands

  • HaasScript

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  • HaasScript

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    Learning from community created examples is one of the best ways to understand how to use a new scripting language. Join the community and grow your skills as a professional trader.

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HaasScript runs exclusively on HaasOnline

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    The only privacy-focused enterprise trade server for trading that requires an on-premise solution.

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1. HaasScript requires HaasOnline Trade Server or HaasOnline Cloud, which is only available for purchase through our official online store. Downloading or accessing our products requires an account and an active license that is compatible with the version required for each license or subscription.