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Speed up development, testing, and deployment of trade bots powered by HaasScript.
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Speed & Efficiency

Created for automated trading

HaasScript was purpose built to streamline the life-cycle of deploying crypto trade bots, technical indicators, and utilities. Our easy-to-learn language combined with TradeServer will help you deploy release candidate scripts 3x faster than compared to traditional programming.

Created for automated trading
HaasScript Commands

Tailored to fit your needs

HaasScript makes use of reusable functions called commands. These commands allow you to extend or optimize the functionality of your script. For instance, if a strategy is having an issue with ghost orders during a volatile session you would use a command like X to check for mismatched positions.

Tailored to fit your needs
HaasScript Code

More transparency in every line of code

You no longer need to worry about how your scripts handle logic, trade signals, and other calculations. Control every aspect of your script using managed or unmanaged trading with HaasScript. Don’t settle for platforms that only offer “black box” trading strategies.

More transparency in every line of code
HaasScript Community

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We've fostered a special place for traders to share, learn, and sharpen their skills. View examples, share scripts, like, and comment on each other's creations and maybe earn your place on the wall of fame by being an outstanding contributor in the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I directly import scripts from other platforms?

    Although there are a lot of similarities between other platform languages, like PineScript, you cannot simply transpose scripts developed from other languages without first converting them.

  • Can I receive signals from TradingView®?

    Yes, you can extrapolate data and perform logic based on signals generated from external sources, like TradingView®, within your HaasScripts.

  • Can I run HaasScripts on other platforms?

    No, HaasScript runs exclusively on HaasOnline products.

  • Can I paste code into the visual editor?

    It's currently not supported. The visual editor works differently from the text-based editor, therefore there are slight differences in the code output, which make them incompatible.

  • How do I use HaasScript?

    To compile, test, or deploy you will need an account with HaasOnline.

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