Harnessing the power of HaasOnline TradeServer has never been this easy

Early access for the highly anticipated HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud is now available.

  • Cloud Management

    Focus on managing and optimizing your trading strategies and let our team of professionals manage our secure, high-speed, global infrastructure.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

    Never worry about installing or applying software updates again. We take the headache out of managing our advanced automated trading platform.

  • 24/7/365 Trading

    Our suite of trading tools are always connected. Ready to execute trades and simultaneously process signals from a myriad of sources.

  • Configurable Dashboards

    Configure multiple dashboards to monitor key sources and analytics. Coverage includes market data, portfolio data, trade bot activity, and more.

  • Leverage Signals

    Use third-party signals to execute buys and sells with active HaasScripts. Enable copy trading to execute the same trades as another authorized user.

  • Access Anytime & Anywhere

    Access powerful trading tools from your desktop, mobile, or tablet. Trade from anywhere you have an Internet connection with no software to install.

  • haasscript powered scripts

    Develop and optimize trading bots

    We've completely rewritten HaasScript to be the most advanced crypto trading scripting language available. Use it to create technical indicators, automated trade bots, and more. HaasScript comes packaged with over five hundred commands, providing users with all the tools needed to create robust scripts.

  • Unified portfolio management

    Link all your exchanges and external wallets to easily manage your crypto assets. Trade with ease, track your performance, and analyze target markets.

  • Organize data in meaningful ways

    Configure multiple dashboards to monitor key sources and communication channels for all of the top projects to streamline your information diet. Coverage includes market data, portfolio data, trade bot activity, and more.

  • HaasOnline TradeServer 3.x

    The only privacy-focused enterprise trade server for trading that requires an on-premise solution.

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  • HaasScript2.0

    Use the world's most advanced automated trading language to create complex trading algorithms, indicators, and more.

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1 Beta program users receive special access to test new features and are required to give feedback regularly. Non-disclosure may be required.