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The all new HaasScript will revolutionize the way you create crypto trading strategiesversion 2.0

We've completely rewritten HaasScript to be the world's most advanced crypto trading scripting language.

HaasOnline is the leader of the best customizable trade bots. They bring your trade ideas to life with highly customizable capabilities to automate to your hearts content and create assets that enable you to do more of what you love. #haasbot @Haasonline (edited)
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Unbeatable Technology, Speed, and Usability

Exceptionally feature-rich scripting language with industry leading performance

  • Established Market Leader


    Downloads & installations

    4.5 Star

    Average customer rating

    Est. 2014

    Oldest crypto trading software

    205% Growth

    Over the past three years

  • Industry-Leading Performance

    10x Quicker

    Over traditional scripting

    300x Faster

    Backtesting & live simulation

    Developer Friendly

    Freedom to create with our APIs

    Active Development

    We regularly push updates

Powerful Crypto Trade Automation

Total privacy, no hidden fees, quick setup

  • Advanced Arbitrage Trading

  • Advanced Backtesting & Live Simulation

  • Spot, Margin & Leverage Trading

  • Managed & Unmanaged Trade Functionality

  • Open Source Crypto Trade Bots

  • Community Library of Scripts

  • Embeded Library Support

  • Generate & Analyze Signals

  • Complete Privacy & No Withdrawl Capabilities

  • Multi-Interval Historical Price Fetching

  • Custom Charting Functionality

  • Over 500+ Advanced Commands

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