Is there a way to break up an order, produced by a signal from a trade bot, in order to avoid slippage?

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    • accumulation
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    • order templates
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    asked 3 years ago

    So every time the trade bot signals the order will be placed in multiple pieces?

    I'm aware that the accumulation bot does this very effectively for a single order which is manually prescribed and so this is the model to achieve, but at the behest of a signal from a tradebot and automatically thereafter.

    For example, if an an indicator is running every 4 hours and produces a buy signal, and this is for a low volume traded market, rather than buying x units of a coin at once, and seeing slippage or the order not filled, can this be broken up into a trade of many pieces over a time period which is less than the 4 hour bot period?


    HaasOnline's Order Template Manager allows you to create a customized Order Template. Using the template, you can break your order into smaller pieces based on the percentages you define at different price offsets with the possibility of delaying when the order is placed.

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