Every time that I run a backtest I get the message:

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    asked 1 year ago

    'No Backtest Result. No trade actions performed in the backtest.' I was wondering why this is happening as I get this message on every single bot.

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    If you are running into issues with the backtest feature, can you make sure that your bot's settings are properly set? Sometimes the amount section is not correctly filled out or there are indicators that do not make much sense in how it has been set up.

    If you wish to, you can raise a ticket by going to this page and raise a ticket. Please attach screenshots and the Log folder of the platform in your ticket.

    Depending on the OS you are using, you can navigate to the folders highlighted below to find it.

    Windows - %userprofile%DocumentsHTS
    MacOS - ~/Library/Application Support/HTS/ (remember to include the ~ symbol in your search!)
    Linux - /root/HTS


  • jaimie.au 1 year ago
    same here... it used to be working with the same bot

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