• Scripts to interact with Haasomeapi via the python wrapper.

    The API built into HaasOnline is very powerful on its own and when combined with Python, HaasOnline can autonomously do a lot of work for us in the background.

    In this example you:

    • list your bots and config files as dropdown menu
    • load bot configs from csv files to dataframe

    Scripts to interact with Haasomeapi via the Python wrapper.

    Based on HaasomeAPI, are scripts that accomplish various tasks with Haas:

    • botdatabase.py contains scripts to load and save mad-hatter (and possibly other types of bots too) bots to a file, to then recreate them on another machine or use for backtesting.
    • botsellector.py is about selecting bots of every supported type as single botobject or as a list for further manipulations. configserver.py is responsible for writing a config file to connect to haasonline via localapi
    • history.py allows for market data manipulation: save it, turn it into a dataframe.
    • init.py is basic initialisation algorithm. interval.py reads and writes backtesting interval and passes the number of ticks to evert backtested bot.
    • bots.haasbots contains a set of 900 mad hatter bot configurations for you to explore.
    • bt.ini should be put into user folder on your machine for it to initialize and launch atm.
    • tradeBot.py contains the basic tradeBot interaction scripts.
    • haasapi
    • haasomeapi
    • local api
    • nomics
    • tradingview
    posted 1 year ago
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