Write for HaasOnline

Write for HaasOnline is a program that supports people who create high quality content that benefits a public knowledge base. Through the program, community authors receive a personal payout in Bitcoin.

The work of these community authors helps grow the public library of trade bot development, crypto trading strategies, infrastructure, and other related tutorials—based around HaasOnline Trade Server and related ecosystems.

What is the publication process?

  • Apply: Apply to our program with a writing sample that showcases your ability to explain your technical knowledge to others.
  • Decide: If you’re accepted, you’ll work with the editorial team on a topic and outline for your first tutorial. We publish only original, first-run content.
  • Write: Once your topic is approved, it’s time to write. We provide resources, like our guidelines and templates, to help you get started quickly.
  • Revise: Submit your first draft and collaborate one-on-one with an editor to revise your work.
  • Publish: After revisions, we will publish your article—and ask what you want to write about next. HaasOnline Software will also promote your article across all of our social networks.
  • Repeat: Improve the library by suggesting new articles that you want to write.

What should I write about?

At a macro level, we’re looking for two broad categories of content.

  • Tutorials that walk readers through creating real-world projects in HaasScript from start to finish, like: How to script a custom RSI technical indicator
  • Tutorials that cover topics such as trading fundamentals, developing & executing trade strategies, and how to apply them with automation, like: Replicating the scalper strategy with a Haasbot

As of now, we’re not accepting content about other closed-source or paid software, programming languages other than PineScript, Lua, C#, HaasScript or Python, or translations. For copyright reasons, we will not repost content that has already been published elsewhere first.