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Virtex is no longer supported due to withdraw issues

Due to the recent news about Virtex not honoring withdraws, we have decided to suspend our support for their exchange. We have been trying to get in touch with both the CEO and owner of Virtex, which previously was very quick and easy. We wanted to give them some time to get back to us before we take action, as there could be a number of reasons for this and we don’t want to act too hastily. Unfortunately, we have not heard anything back and we must always look to protect our users from exchanges that don’t protect their customers.

We highly advise that you guys DO NOT USE Virtex, as it appears that you cannot withdraw fiat or coins. Our next update will exclude Virtex from the API Driver list, but since Virtex is currently enabled, we ask that you do not trade there or if you are going to trade there, you are aware of the withdraw situation.

If you want to follow the reports of this, here are a few of the threads relating to Virtex users’ inability to withdraw:

We will re-enable support to Virtex if they can resolve their withdraw issues, but until then, we will leave their exchange disabled from the next build on.

~ Haasonline Software Team