The update to version has just been released. This update will bring support for trading at Bitfinex, it will introduce more trade indicators and safeties and of course its again fully updated to support the latest new coins like Bat, Bc, Exe, Mn1, Hvc, Nyan, Spa, Cnh and Gbp.

Because we have added a lot of new things this time, I do have a small summary prepared below about the new features and how they work.

Let’s say hello to a new exchange, we now have full support for trading at Bitfinex. All coins are supported as usual.

Price Push -Indicator
This indicator watches for price “pushes”. The inner working is that it will watch the price change of the last price and the new read price. If this difference is small (or dropping) then we are in a downtrend, this indicator will identify this and respond with a sell signal. When this indicator detects an uptrend (maybe a strong one) then it signals a buy command.

This is a short term trading indicator.

Blind Signal -Indicator
This is the most stupid trade indicator available. It only watches your coin position and it sends out a signal based on that. Do NEVER use this trade indicator alone, it’s really added as a support trade indicator. So use it only in combination with another trade indicator or insurance.

Tip: With the blind indicator + the fee overcome its possible to do margin trading. This does not earn much, but it is very steady.

Coppock Curve Indicator, Aroon Oscillator Indicator, Ultimate Oscillator & Ulcer Index
These are all new trade indicators using a different math then usual. The best way to explore them is to try them inside a benchmark and by playing around with the values/configuration. All those 4 trade indicators will generate some very good trade signals.

All these trade indicators are mid term and long term trade indicators.

Regression Slope -Indicator
Did you ever take a look at the best of the best indicator available in the market? Well then it’s very likely that you have seen the name “Regression”. The regression indicator is without a doubt worlds most accepted and worlds best indicator. Have a look at this one, because it’s really interesting. (I am running it here without any safeties or insurances, I guess this says enough)

Note: This indicator only works at a time interval of 1 minute. I have locked this speed to avoid wrong settings, we really need that 1 minute interval for this indicator.

In the future the trade indicator will also be used to give out predictions.

Last Buy Price Drop-Loss -Safety
(on request) This is a new safety. The safeties that we have right now all work in reflection to the currency prices. This one does not work this way, instead it uses the last buy value of the trade-bot and it watches if the current price goes below this value. If the drop is enough then the safety will begin to signal a sell command.

Last Buy Percentage Drop-Loss -Safety
This is the same safety as described above, however this time percentages are used instead of the absolute price.

Support for market orders instead of limit orders on trade-bots
If you open up the Server Setting then a new tabpage will be visible: “Trade-bot”. On this page you can configure the software to use market orders instead of limit orders.

The advantage of using market orders is that they are filled faster, however there are 2 big downsides to this concept. The first is that the software is NOT able to record the exact buy/sell prices. And secondly its possible, due changes in the currency price, that you will not trade at the wanted prices. It’s really all about momentum (and luck) if you use this. I recommend to only use this if you’re an expert in trading and with low trade-amounts. Especially the last one is important because it reduces the 2 downsides of this concept.

Spread order supported (in BETA!)
When you open up the trade-amount form/page then you will see a new checkbox, this checkbox allows you to use spread orders instead of normal limit orders. The idea is that your (high) trade-amount is split up into smaller pieces and those pieces are send to the exchange with a very, very tiny price difference. The idea is that those orders will be filled more quickly because they are small and this must improve the speed an order (in general) is filled.

Please note: This feature is added as a BETA feature. It works and it works properly. But because of the limited test time we could not do all the wanted tests. So our advice is to use this feature with caution and only with high trade-amounts. Because that’s the part where it will work its best.

Please send us feedback if this beta feature goes wrong. We do not expect big problems like wrong prices or trade-amounts, that part is secure. It’s more about the processing of the bulk of orders at the exchange. We could not test all the exchanges and all the coins within the timespan that we had. (ofcourse this concept will be improved in time)

Benchmark support for 2 days or 2 weeks
Within this update there are 2 options to benchmark/backtest. This can be done in the usual way of 2 days or you can run a 2 week test. Of course you need to keep in mind a test of 2 weeks will take 10x longer to execute than a test of 2 days. So use this only if necessary. Two days tuning is really more than enough. Two weeks is only good for long term reflection. (it does not say much about the future). After all it’s bitcoin… (or any other cryptocurrency).

Internal arbitrage overview
Alright this is the “secret” project that we where working on. I can no longer keep this a secret now or else we get a lot of questions to support it. Inside this update you will see the first sign of internal abitrage, a total new and unseen concept inside crypto trading. (yes we did this again!) We are working on supporting this concept. The current overview added in this update will show you the margins that can be earned. This will become our target to earn from.

The concept Internal Arbitrage is something we wanted to add from the beginning, its one of the reasons why the software is made in the way its made today.

Please, really please do not ask to rush support on this. We do see the potential but making this work properly is a complex process. We do require more time on development of this. But it’s a promise that it will be supported in the future.

At last… the blackcoin (BC) is now supported inside this update. ;)

Happy trading everybody and I hope the new features will result in more and better profits! :)

I forgot to mention that Cryptsy is already showing the Usd trading pairs. We have added support for this, but the prices still lists 0. We have to wait until Cryptsy enables those prices and trading, but we are ready for supporting it as soon as it comes available.

BTCChina is still offline, beware of this. Its their last chance to support us or they will be gone from the support list. (I have tried to solve this, but its still madness over there at their support. I have no idea how this will work out in the future too with the ban over there…)

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