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Update to version 1.0 and potential login issues

In the coming minutes you will be getting some emails from us. Do not worry about them, we are generating them for you and all the information inside it is valid.

The main reason why we are doing this is to get you fully updated. Today we have released our new website ( and we are taking down the old one. However you where listed as one of the last users who are not yet inside this new database. So we are making a new login and a new order for you. This will ensure you can also login and your order is back.

As an addition i want to point our Wiki and Forum. The wiki ( describes how to use the new version of our software and inside the forum ( you can ask anything you want. We also have a special group of topic where we discuss trading strategies. Its hidden from view but as soon as we detect you we will give you also access to these parts.< Of course we hope you will enjoy our software now even more. As this upgrade will introduce a lot more support for more exchanges, improves tuning capabilities, new ways of trading and a brand new interface. All with the target to increase your profits even more. The Haasonline Team