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Ping Pong Bot

A different approach to scalping.

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Overview of Ping Pong Bot

The Ping Pong bot works very much like the Scalper Bot. Instead of basing the targets on the last buy and sell price, the Ping Pong bot sets its targets dynamically based on historical data. As the name implies this bot is trying to play a little game of ping-pong with the prices. It sets a bottom price to buy and an upper price to sell, then double checks if this price difference is enough to surpass the fee costs. If so, the bot holds these prices for a while and waits. If the current prices reach the buying or selling points the bot will execute it's order.

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Plan Restrictions

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Trade Bot Restrictions

  • Up to 10 Instances on the Beginner plan
  • Up to 20 Instances on the Simple plan
  • Unrestricted on the Advanced plan

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