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Flash Crash Bot

Don't be scared of the next big crash, be prepared with the Flash Crash Bot.

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Overview of Flash Crash Bot

The Flash Crash bot sets pre-orders above and/or below a specified base price. Buy orders are placed at predefined price points that fall below the set base price. Conversely, sell orders are placed above this base price. When a buy order has been completed, the base price will be moved down and a sell order will be placed on the old base price. Conversely, when a sell order has been completed the base price moves up and a buy order is placed on the old base price.

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Other Information

Plan Restrictions

  • Beginner
  • Simple
  • Advanced

Trade Bot Restrictions

  • Up to 10 Instances on the Beginner plan
  • Up to 20 Instances on the Simple plan
  • Unrestricted on the Advanced plan

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