Inter-Exchange Arbitrage

The inter-exchange arbitrage trade bot will monitor the price of a specific pair between two markets. When the arbitrage bot has the opportunity to sell high on one exchange and buy lower on the other, it will execute two orders at the same time. One buy and one sell.

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Inter-Exchange Arbitrage

Other Information

License Availability

  • Beginner
  • Simple
  • Advanced

Trade Bot Restrictions

  • Up to 10 Instances on the Beginner plan
  • Up to 20 Instances on the Simple plan
  • Unrestricted on the Advanced plan

Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Walkthrough

Watch a quick overview of how this trading strategy works.

Inter-Exchange Arbitrage FAQ

Does this crypto arbitrage bot settle funds automatically?

No. This is due to security reasons, HaasOnline TradeServer will never use withdrawal permissions. Even if you enable withdrawal permission while generating your API key. You will have to manually settle account funds when required.

Is crypto arbitraging 100% risk-free?

Although arbitrage is a historically-proven trading strategy, there is no such thing as a risk-free trading strategy. There are several caveats to prepare for while deploying a crypto arbitraging strategy including:

  • Withdrawal fees
  • Trading fee
  • Average settlement time
  • Orderbook liquidity
  • Market volatility
  • API latency

There may be other external forces that may impact your preferred exchanges as well such as outages and slippage.

Does this crypto arbitrage bot search for opportunities?

Our custom arbitrage bot does not have a built-in market screener to automatically identify opportunities and then configure itself to arbitrage the spread discrepancies. This crypto arbitrage bot allows you to monitor two exchanges and two pairs with basic order settings which will capitalize on opportunities identified by user settings.

If you do require a more advanced crypto arbitrage strategy, explore developing one with HaasScript.

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