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New Features for HaasOnline Trade Server and HaasScript

Next Generation of Editors for HaasBots

Our team has been quietly working hard on developing new features, improving product stability, and revamping HaasScript. After countless hours of development, documentation, and processing feedback from the community we are finally ready to release our newest feature for HaasOnline Trade Server to the public. We are proud to announce the Visual Editor, which generates scripts built with HaasScript. The Visual Editor does this by allowing users to drag-and-drop hundreds of command blocks to create scripts for automated trading or technical indicators without any manual coding.

The drag-and-drop visual editor uses a network of command blocks to create technical indicators, automated trading strategies, insurances, and safeties using the latest HaasScript. It’s as easy as connecting the input or output of each command block to their related blocks as you design the flow of your script. The visual editor requires minimal coding experience and can be greatly improve your efficiency of designing crypto algos.

The script editor is a Lua based IDE for HaasScript. Using this editor allows for complete control and transparency of the code that drives your crypto algo. The script editor has a built-in intellisense for autocomplete suggestions, a cheat-sheet of all the HaasScript commands, multiple tab functionality, detailed compile log, interactive chart, a resizable layout and much more.

Want to Try HaasOnline Trade Server?

Get a 14-day trial license and fully test of our platform for only 0.01 BTC ($99*).

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The Latest Version of HaasScript

We’re excited to reveal more of the exciting new functionality and features we’ve packed into our latest generation of HaasScript. To increase transparency we’ve open sourced all of our legacy trade & custom bots with HaasScript. You can now convert your active strategies to leverage the latest HaasScript framework. No black box code in your scripts, know exactly what makes them work.

The latest version of HaasScript is packed with over 500 commands to control every aspect of your scripts. If you plan on building custom technical indicators you can process and generate signals, manipulate beautiful charts, and eventually exchange HaasScripts on a public marketplace. We’ve reworked several of the major parts of our scripting language, including:

  • Custom Commands
  • Managed and Unmanaged Trading
  • TA Calculations & Signals
  • Multiple Position Handling
  • Memory Management

Our goal is to maintain the world’s most advanced crypto scripting language and continue to innovating with products like HaasOnline Trade Server. We’re proud to be one of the original crypto automation platforms and have been thriving in the cryptocurrency fintech space for more than five years — we don’t plan on going anywhere.

Curious to learn more about how HaasScript works?

Check out these community examples or head to our official developer documentation for multiple in-depth tutorials on using HaasScript to create complex scripts.

Video Introduction to the Visual Editor

We want your Feedback

We invite everyone to try it out and give us feedback. With your feedback, we promise to crush bugs, work on new features, and continue improving our products. Currently, HaasScript and the Visual Editor are only available to users with an active Simple or Advanced license.

Here’s a few ways to directly impact your next interaction with us:

We would like a special thank you to our loyal users, community members, ambassadors, and staff who continually contribute to the overall success of our company and crypto community!

— the HaasOnline Team

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Haasbot 2.3 Beta Build 5 has been released!

We want to let you know that Haasbot 2.3 beta build 5 is now available. Below is the changelog:

– Futures positions not updating has been fixed
– New Altcoins are supported: Globe, Grm, Hap ,Nanas, Xra, Dibs, Drkt, Dub, Erc, Globe, Grm, IBits
– ETH/BTC charts on Poloniex function correctly
– ETH/BTC backtests on Poloniex function correctly
– Haasbot should not crash, even in rare situations

You can download beta build 5 for your OS below:

Note: You must have an active Haasbot license to participate in beta testing.

Be sure to check out the wiki for videos and tutorials on the new features in 2.3
* Futures Bots and how to set them up.
* Indicator Scanner and how to use it
* Orderbook View and how to use it
* Wallet Asset
* Trade Now
* Positions Tab

If you have any questions or found a bug, please let us know by posting in the bug report thread for that OS.

~ Haasonline Software

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Haasbot 2.2.1 Beta Build 1 Has Been Released!

~ All,

We would like to take a moment to thank our community and user base in being patient with us while we made numerous changes to haasbot 2.2. We have been working very hard on stabilizing our whiteservers to handle the load of our users and we are happy to announce that they should be extremely stable. In addition, this build has the numerous fixes which were needed for the Script Bots.

You can download and install the beta here:

The only thing that we were unable to fix within a short period of time is BTCChina support, which we have suspended for the time being. We will work to correct this and re-integrate BTCChina support into Haasbot as soon as we can, but for now, please use either Huobi or for your cny trades.

Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs here:

Thanks and best of luck with your trades! These are exciting times and now that the majority of the fixes have been done, we can get on with some of the more interesting features that are coming up in Haasbot 2.3!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot 2.2 – A Major Milestone

We are proud to announce that we have release Haasbot 2.2. Haasbot 2.2 represents a major milestone for us as we have begun to add in some very innovative features. This release ushers in both performance and expanding the ways that users can generate trade signals. We are also proud to announce that we have added support for Coinbase, (spot trading only),, and BTCChina! Of the new features, the main ones that stick out are the candlestick pattern indicators, trend identification insurances, master indicator feature, deviation offset, 14 new indicators, and a completely redesigned marketview page. The new marketview page acts as your very own cryptocurrency trading platform, where you can monitor live price data, use our indicators and 24 different drawing tools, and to manually execute trades! We hope that you enjoy this as much as we have throughout the testing process!

New features:
[Indicators] Deviation offset added (simple+advanced)
[Indicators] ChartType (now select between normal candles or Heiken Ashi) (simple+advanced)
[Indicators] Master Indicators (excludes an indicator for the normal sequence and make it an stand-alone signal, checked by insurances of course) (simple+advanced)
[Indicator] CandleStickPattern indicator is added.
[Indicator] Up/Down RSI indicator is added.
[Indicator] Keltner Channels indicator is added.
[Indicator] Donchian Channels indicator is added.
[Indicator] Bollinger Bands %B indicator is added.
[Indicator] Connors RSI indicator is added. (Advanced only)
[Indicator] Awesome Oscillator indicator is added. (Advanced only)
[Indicator] Williams %R indicator is added. (Advanced only)
[Indicator] Fractal indicator is added.
[Indicator] Small Fractal indicator is added.
[Indicator] CMO indicator is added.
[Indicator] TRIX indicator is added.
[Indicator] BOP indicator is added.
[Indicator] TRIMA indicator is added.
[Indicator] KAMA indicator is added.
[Insurance] TrendingTrend1 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is trending.
[Insurance] TrendingTrend2 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is trending. Alternative implementation.
[Insurance] TrendingTrend3 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is trending. Alternative implementation.
[Insurance] SideTrend1 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is side-ways.
[Insurance] SideTrend2 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is side-ways. Alternative implementation.
[Insurance] SideTrend3 has been added, to allow only trading when the price is side-ways. Alternative implementation.
[Marketview] Trade window can now be dragged across the window and closed.
[Marketview] Functionalities for the Trade Window:
– Click on the chart to selected to select that price.
– Click on a price in the orderbook to select that price.
– When doing a sell, clicking on the base currency will selected that amount.
– When doing a buy & put a price in, clicking on the quote currency will calculate the amount.
– Wallet will update in the window.
[MarketView] Added the ability to show indicators too
[MarketView] Added the ability to highlight specific Candle Patterns (aka candle analysis)
[MarketView] Added the ability to show Heiken Ashi
[Marketview] You open order will highlighted in the orderbook (when available and in view)
[Marketview] Indicators added to the marketview. Click on the name to select the indicator. Click on save to save the changed settings and reload the chart.
[Marketview] Candle Pattern Recognition added. 80+ Pattern can be selected.
[Marketview] Heiken-Ashi candle are added. Selectable trough the Settings on the left
[Marketview] There are now in total 24 drawing tools. (13 more are added since last update).
[Marketview] Drawing-Tools-Settings can be dragged across the window.
[Marketview] Orders can be cancelled by clicking on the highlighted order in the orderbook.
[Dashboard] The Full stop window has a wider functionality. Start/Stop per type of bot and selected bots. (click on the bot to (de)selected the bot)
[Dashboard] Trade bot coin position is displayed between the trade-amount and last update time.
[Trade Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Trade Bot] Trade bot Trades is a button now.
[Trade Bot] Fine-tuning feature added.
[Arbitrage Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Arbitrage Bot] Added option to “trade now” on an arbitrage route
[Order Bot] Added the option to clone/copy a bot. Every settings can be copy-ed (or not).
[Order Bot] Added indicators to the view. Click on the name to select the indicator. Click on save to save the changed settings and reload the chart.
[Order Bot] Pattern Recognition added. 100+ Pattern can be detected.
[Exchanges] Page will auto refresh every 2,5 sec and after inserting key’s.
[Script-bot] Enable Script Bots

[Framework] New added coins: Lyb, Mine, Asn, Ldoge, Omc, Zirk, Xdb, Crave, Btcry, Octo, Giz, Cyp, Tron, Ntrn, Sling, Mue, P7c, Xseed, Cf, Cov, and Xem
[Framework] System clock check added
[Framework] 2 Brand new high-speed caching servers connected (proving data at 3000 prices/sec, 3x faster then before)
[Framework] Price push server selection improved
[Framework] Price load estimation time added
[Interface] Progress status of backtesting added
[Indicators] Benchmark speed increased with about 75%
[MarketView] Expanded the drawing toolset to the maximum

[Exchanges] Support for Camp-BX is dropped.
[Exchanges] OkCoin trading supported and its split up into the CN and COM version
[Exchanges] BTCChina is now supported
[Exchanges] Coinbase Exchange is now supported

Bug fixes:
[OrdersEngine] Partial fix, order engine does are set when unexpected maximums are reached

As usual be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot 2.1.2 has been released!

Because of the recent release of the white servers we have seen some small issues come up with some charts or historical data. So we are releasing this version to solve those problems directly.

Of course we will use the update directly to add in some new coins that have been detected again.

[Framework] Price push server selection at fail-over improved
[Framework] Price history loader improved

New features:
[Framework] New coins added: GEO, NSR and GRCX

Bug fixes:
[Prices] Several smaller fixes done to the local cache database
[Prices] Small fix done for chart loading halt

As usual be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot 1.4 will be depreciated on April 1st, 2015

We want to announce that we will be officially depreciating the 1.4 branch of Haasbot. This is also known as the classic interface, as all of our development resources are now allocated to the Haasbot 2.0 branch. We are at a crossroads where we want to push our software to the limits and it is clear to us that the future of Haasbot is within the Haasbot 2.0 branch.

We understand that there may be users who prefer the Classic Interface, but you must understand that it requires too much of our time to implement changes to both interfaces and we want to move forward with innovative features and improvements. We have a lot of things that we want to do and Haasbot 2.0 is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of where we will be going.

Starting on April 1st, 2015, new builds will only include Haasbot 2.0. You may still use the Classic Interface for a while but eventually that version will stop working due to our DRM measures. We understand that a small percentage of our users will not like this, but Haasbot 2.0 is the future of Haasbot.

We hope that everyone understands this and is excited for whats going next!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot 2.1 Development Update

We just wanted to give you guys an update on where we are, since we have been quiet recently but we have been working hard on the whiteserver and the beta. Basically, we will be having two beta builds which will be released one after the other. The first beta build is to test the durability and performance of the whiteserver. Once we have seen how this performs, we will either scale up our whiteservers in preparation for a release and then release the second beta to double check that everything is working as intended or we will fix any issues we have and then release the second beta build.

To test the beta, just shoot me (Phillis) a PM on our forums and I will add you to the beta testing forum group and you will find instructions/a build once we have released it.

This beta build also includes some changes and some bug fixes. Below is a list of changes/fixes:

[Exchanges] TestAPI removed (please use the SandboxAPI instead)
[Exchanges] Virtex support dropped
[Exchange] Order Tracking is fixed.
[Arbitrage-bot] On request the default response is set to stop the bot if a arbitrage-route fails
[FrameWork] Native price tracking made optional to use
[Indicator] CCI made available for Simple licenses
[Indicator] IchimokuClouds made available for Simple licenses
[Marketview] Left side has undergone a complete transformation. (we added Lines, Fibonacci Fans and Fibonacci Resentment for now)

New features:
[Framework] Push price server implemented (and activated by default)
[Arbitrage-bot] Option added to select what to do at failed arbitrage trading route
[Indicator] (P)SAR added
[Indicator] Bollinger Bands added
[Indicator] SlowRSI added (this is a SMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] FastRSI added (this is a EMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] WeightedRSI added (this is a WMA over an RSI)
[Dashboard] All the lights are now clickable. They will lead you to the cause of the light.
[Dashboard] Extended filter with a sort function (A-Z & Z-A)
[Dashboard] Bots are now draggable. Function can be enabled in the filter-popup

[Framework] Several CPU load reductions done
[Framework] Chart data is partially upgraded
[Indicator] StochRSI upgraded (both lengths made adjustable)
[Indicator] Script-indicator upgraded

Bug fixes:
[Pairs] Bitfinex supported pairs re-aligned
[Interface] Default login text added to login
[Indicator] Script-indicator charts
[Dashboard] Order Bot display will load now.

– More translations will be added soon.
– Script-bots will be added soon.
– Trend insurances

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot verison has been released!

Welcome to this small update of the Haasbot. With this version we want to resolve some minor issues happening for and some other small things. This is a recommended update to install if you are trading at

New features
[Framework] Additional review done on the arbitrage-bots on
[Dashboard] You can applay a filter to the dashboard or search on name of the bot
[Trade Bots] Light of the Trade Bot on the dashboard will return on the left of the Trade Bot
[Arbitrage Bots] Light of the Arbitrage Bot on the dashboard will return on the left of the Arbitrage Bot view.

Bug fixes:
[Framework] buy and sell prices corrected.
[Framework] Potential fixes done for nonch error conditions.

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot Version has been released!

Welcome to Haasbot version! This version introduces even more bug fixes for arbitrage and for the interface! We have been working hard to getting Haasbot up to our standards and we are getting close! This update is basically a bridge before the whiteserver integration, so we are quite excited about that. We would like to thank everyone for submitting bug reports as this only makes Haasbot a better product!

Note: When updating, the installer may say that the installation failed but it didn’t, so don’t worry about that.

New features
[Framework] Added coins: Myst, Xpb
[Dashboard] Hover on time, amount or price of the trades to see full information.
[Arbitrage Bot] Complete renew of the arbitrage page. More information shown about the routes. Sorted on profit %-based

Bug fixes:
[Framework] Code optimization added
[Framework] Decimal sign issue is solved now.
[Framework] Preparations done for adding push white server
[Framework] Login issues solved.
[Framework] API Key setup encryption issues solved.
[Framework] Orderbook display disabled.
[Framework] Fee display added to arbitrage (visual only).
[Framework] Disconnecting an exchange is fixed.
[Framework] Order tracing improved for Poloniex, Cryptsy and Bittrex.
[Framework] Order tracing log messages added for backtracking.
[Dashboard] Edit popup will select the selected pair and show the right header
[Dashboard] TradeBots lights mouse tooltip fixed
[Trade Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Last Buy Price, Last Sell Price & Fixed Trade Amount
[Arbitrage Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Trade amount & Profit Level
[Order Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Order price & order amount
[OrderView] Added Failed Orders to the top row.
[Marketview] Buy/Sell button text bug fixed.
[Exchangeview] API can now only be added if the API driver is activated in HTS.
[Exchangeview] API encryption bug is resolved
[Settings] Removed API Setup from settings popup. API Settings can now only setup trough the Exchange view.
[Settings] After changing the theme and save-ing the settings, the page will automatic refresh.

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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Haasbot Version has been released

Welcome to Haasbot, which provides some bug fixes and improvements! This update basically covers some of the residual issues from 2.0. Unfortunately, our whiteserver is not incorporated in this build but we are getting closer to making that happen. The whiteserver will resolve a lot of chart/data issues (speed wise) and we are working hard to get this in as soon as possible.

As part of our promise, we will be crediting all users with 7 days of free time. We will add that time tomorrow, so if in a few days, your license time is the same, please let us know so we can correct it.

During usage, you should notice slight improvements too, as we will be working on the server side this weekend.

New features
Added coins: Ceti, Csd, Dgd, Eags, Fsc2, Rbr, Soon, Xbs, Xpv, Xwc, Xpc and Fldc
Hanging thread at shutdown solved.
Marketview You can now set a price alarm on the market view.

Bug fixes:
TradeBots – Last buy/sell price will handle the decimal problem correct now.
Total Trade Bot View – Chart will display correctly (minor CSS fix)
Marketview – The indicator will be added later on.
Marketview – In Trade Now there will be an error if there isn’t a amount with Market Order and Price and/or Limit Order
Arbitrage – Header will update after save-ing changes in the Trade Settings window.
Arbitrage – profit & trigger level will handle the decimal problem correct now.
Order Bots – An little fix for the update-ing charts.
Dashboard – Arbitrage Bot: Route light will update correctly and the tooltip text is correct now.
Orderview – Exchange order will show all order instead of the last one.
PriceComparison – Less data request while checking a exchange
PriceComparison – In the Selected Pairs box an click on the row will also toggle the line
PriceComparison – When selected 2 pairs, the left axis gets an annotation on the crosshair
Charts – CSS adjustments on the axis
Wallet – CSS fix if there is only 1 coin/fiat

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team