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Haasbot 2.2 Linux Beta has been released!

We are proud to announce that we are ready to start beta testing Haasbot on Linux! I know it has taken us a little while to get here, but we are extremely happy about this and this basically now opens up Haasbot on all of the major operating systems! The Linux beta is the same as the Haasbot 2.2 windows version, but that it runs on Linux.

Haasbot Linux

So far, we have tested it on Ubuntu and Debian, but it should work on all Linux distros.

If you are interested in participating in Linux beta testing, you must have an active Haasbot license and you just need to PM me (Phillis) and I will add you to the group. Once you are added to the Linux Beta Testing group, a new subforum will appear with a build and instructions.

It is very important that you leave feedback and if you notice any difference in functionality between the Windows build and the Linux build, please make a thread about it so that we can correct any issues.

With that said, let the Linux beta testing begin!

~ Haasonline Software Team