Roof-Out Fixed Price

HTS's Roof-Out Fixed Price safety can be utilized to sell your bought Position as soon as it detects the price, which is user determined, is going through the roof. Some users want to stop trading when the prices explode, with this safety this is possible. This is essentially the opposite of the Roof-In Fixed Price safety.

Combine the Roof-Out Fixed Price technical indicator with our proven insurances and safeties while implementing an automated trading strategy with our highly customizable Trade Bot for complete control. Perform technical analysis with our marketview feature using the Roof-Out Fixed Price technical indicator, which can be used in conjunction with our pattern analyzer to help find market trends that you can capitalize on.

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What is a Safety?

Our proprietary safeties were created to produce buy or sell trade signals from defined market movements (i.e. If X drops by 1% sell). Safeties can be used in conjunction with Insurances and Indicators to produce rock solid trading strategies.

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Safety Documentation

All of our safeties, including Roof-Out Fixed Price, that are accessible in our products are thoughtfully documented with clear explanations, details, and settings.

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