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Account F.A.Q.

How do i get support?
On the upper right of this webpage you can see an item listed called “contact” and if you open this then you will find a number of ways to reach out to us. Or you can use the chatbox button shown on the lower left of the screen.

Where is my download link?
Once your order has been completed and the payment has been confirmed then you will get an email with the download link inside it. As an alternative you can also login to this website and then you will find your downloads listed at the “My Account” page.

Where is my license key?
Your license key is listed below the Orders inside on this page.

My license has become DRM blocked.
Please contact us directly so we can fix this. You can do this by clicking here.

How do i upgrade/expand my license?
Please use the Upgrade page listed inside your Haasbot for this.

Where do i find answers to other subjects?
On the upper right of this webpage you will see an item called “documentation” and if you open this then you get a good overview of all the resources which we got. This includes a Wiki and inside it, you will find almost all the answers.

Support tickets
We have dropped the Support Ticket System and moved over to a chat-based support system so we can provide quicker support.