Harnessing the power of HaasOnline TradeServer has never been this easy

Early access for the highly anticipated HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud is now available.

  • Cloud Management

    Focus on managing and optimizing your trading strategies and let our team of professionals manage our secure, high-speed, global infrastructure.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

    Never worry about installing or applying software updates again. We take the headache out of managing our advanced automated trading platform.

  • 24/7/365 Trading

    Our suite of trading tools are always connected. Ready to execute trades and simultaneously process signals from a myriad of sources.

  • HaasOnline TradeServer 3.x

    The only privacy-focused enterprise trade server for trading that requires an on-premise solution.

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  • HaasScript2.0

    Use the world's most advanced automated trading language to create complex trading algorithms, indicators, and more.

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1 Beta program users receive special access to test new features and are required to give feedback regularly. Non-disclosure may be required.