Welcome to Haasbot version! This version introduces even more bug fixes for arbitrage and for the interface! We have been working hard to getting Haasbot up to our standards and we are getting close! This update is basically a bridge before the whiteserver integration, so we are quite excited about that. We would like to thank everyone for submitting bug reports as this only makes Haasbot a better product!

Note: When updating, the installer may say that the installation failed but it didn’t, so don’t worry about that.

New features
[Framework] Added coins: Myst, Xpb
[Dashboard] Hover on time, amount or price of the trades to see full information.
[Arbitrage Bot] Complete renew of the arbitrage page. More information shown about the routes. Sorted on profit %-based

Bug fixes:
[Framework] Code optimization added
[Framework] Decimal sign issue is solved now.
[Framework] Preparations done for adding push white server
[Framework] Login issues solved.
[Framework] API Key setup encryption issues solved.
[Framework] Orderbook display disabled.
[Framework] Fee display added to arbitrage (visual only).
[Framework] Disconnecting an exchange is fixed.
[Framework] Order tracing improved for Poloniex, Cryptsy and Bittrex.
[Framework] Order tracing log messages added for backtracking.
[Dashboard] Edit popup will select the selected pair and show the right header
[Dashboard] TradeBots lights mouse tooltip fixed
[Trade Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Last Buy Price, Last Sell Price & Fixed Trade Amount
[Arbitrage Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Trade amount & Profit Level
[Order Bots] Decimal problem reviewed and solved for: Order price & order amount
[OrderView] Added Failed Orders to the top row.
[Marketview] Buy/Sell button text bug fixed.
[Exchangeview] API can now only be added if the API driver is activated in HTS.
[Exchangeview] API encryption bug is resolved
[Settings] Removed API Setup from settings popup. API Settings can now only setup trough the Exchange view.
[Settings] After changing the theme and save-ing the settings, the page will automatic refresh.

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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