Welcome to Haasbot, which provides some bug fixes and improvements! This update basically covers some of the residual issues from 2.0. Unfortunately, our whiteserver is not incorporated in this build but we are getting closer to making that happen. The whiteserver will resolve a lot of chart/data issues (speed wise) and we are working hard to get this in as soon as possible.

As part of our promise, we will be crediting all users with 7 days of free time. We will add that time tomorrow, so if in a few days, your license time is the same, please let us know so we can correct it.

During usage, you should notice slight improvements too, as we will be working on the server side this weekend.

New features
Added coins: Ceti, Csd, Dgd, Eags, Fsc2, Rbr, Soon, Xbs, Xpv, Xwc, Xpc and Fldc
Hanging thread at shutdown solved.
Marketview You can now set a price alarm on the market view.

Bug fixes:
TradeBots – Last buy/sell price will handle the decimal problem correct now.
Total Trade Bot View – Chart will display correctly (minor CSS fix)
Marketview – The indicator will be added later on.
Marketview – In Trade Now there will be an error if there isn’t a amount with Market Order and Price and/or Limit Order
Arbitrage – Header will update after save-ing changes in the Trade Settings window.
Arbitrage – profit & trigger level will handle the decimal problem correct now.
Order Bots – An little fix for the update-ing charts.
Dashboard – Arbitrage Bot: Route light will update correctly and the tooltip text is correct now.
Orderview – Exchange order will show all order instead of the last one.
PriceComparison – Less data request while checking a exchange
PriceComparison – In the Selected Pairs box an click on the row will also toggle the line
PriceComparison – When selected 2 pairs, the left axis gets an annotation on the crosshair
Charts – CSS adjustments on the axis
Wallet – CSS fix if there is only 1 coin/fiat

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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