Haasbot Version 1.1.0 Update

Haasonline Software has been working tirelessly to provide the best bitcoin trading bot available. As many of you have noticed, we have recently launched version 1.0, along with our wiki and our forums. Version 1.0 introduced new features that the cryptocurrency trading community has not seen, such as internal arbitrage bots and order bots.

Our forum community has been amazing with how quickly they identify some issues and what they want to be added in the future. We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone on the forums, who has helped us to identify any issues as it allows us to produce the best product we can.

With the version 1.0 being complete, we have been working a bit on the future of Haasbot. We have been looking to expand the abilities of Haasbot for version 1.1.0, which is our next major release. Version 1.1.0 ushers in a new era of cryptocurrency trading features, which are outlined below.

  • Virtex Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange Now Supported – Virtex is a growing bitcoin and litecoin exchange that allows traders to trade USD/BTC, Euro/BTC, USD/LTC, and Euro/LTC. Their volume is growing and we have decided to add Virtex to the supported exchange list. Virtex has a very fast API and low latency, which is great for Haasbot users.
  • Bitfinex Leveraged Trading – You will be able to use the Margin/Leveraged trading feature on Bitfinex via trade bots. This will allow users to automate leveraged trading with 2 options, one of which is available in this version. The first option (which is available now) is allowing a user to only execute a long/short trade and close it, based on the trade signals. The second option (which is not available yet, but it will be supported in the future) is to execute both long and short trades, where a long will be created on buy signals and a short will be created on sell signals. Haasbot will automatically close the long/short positions before creating the opposite trade type.
  • Local Cache Server – This adds another layer to our price tracking system, so that backtests and indicator tests can be ran locally on the users machine instead of sending a query to our price tracking server. This should provide a boost in performance and make it easier to test trading strategies.
  • Sandbox API – The Sandbox API acts as a “fake API,” where you can run live tests on the exchange of your choice, without any trades being executed. This is a way that Haasbot users can test their strategies with live price data, without having to actually trade it. This will be useful for testing market condition specific trading strategies without executing any trades.
  • Trade Now Button in Classic Interface – A Trade Now button will appear in the classic interface, which will then pop open a trading window, which allows a user to quickly execute Market or Limit orders on any of the exchanges they are trading on. This allows for a quick buy/sell in case the market conditions quickly change and a user wants to manually execute an order.
  • Performance Increase – Version 1.1.0 (some aspects may be included in earlier builds) will have an increase in performance. This is due to a few additions, such as the addition of the price push api’s from the exchanges, as well as other additions.

We hope everyone enjoys this update, as it is a step towards where want to our software to be heading in the future. Let us know if you have any comments or concerns!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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