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We are happy to announce that we are finally going into our Haasbot 2.3 beta build. Haasbot 2.3 is the latest version of Haasbot that includes Futures support on both OKCoin.com and BitVC.com. The futures markets that are supported at 10x and 20x BTC and LTC futures on OKCoin.com and 5x, 10x, and 20x BTC futures on BitVC. We also support Weekly, Biweekly, and Quarterly markets. This means that you can create a “Futures Trade Bot,” load it up with your strategy and let it trade on 20x futures for maximizing profits. Keep in mind, there is a higher risk of losses when trading futures, so please understand how these markets work before automating a strategy with Haasbot.

As mentioned before, all current Haasbot users can use the Futures Trade Bots for free during the beta testing period. After the beta testing period is over, users will have the ability to upgrade their license for Futures support. The price for upgrading a current haasbot license is the following:

What you paid for the license / the total number of days for your license X the number of days remaining in your license

If you are purchasing a new license, the cost of futures support is the same as the basic license.

Additionally, the major changes are: arbitrage bot support is dropped, indicator scanner feature added, orderbook view added, new enhancements to the marketview page, Wallet Asset feature added, and much more! All of the changes will be documented in the wiki, starting this week.

Haasbot 2.3 Beta Downloads:

Note: You MUST have an active Haasbot license in order to participate in beta testing.

New features:
[Framework] Future-bots added
[Framework] Indicator scanner added
[Exchanges] OKCoin Futures added
[Exchanges] BitVC Futures added
[Interface] Exchanges has been modified to “Trading Platforms”. And the view has been upgraded.
[Interface] Orderbook views has been added. Watch 2, 3, 4 or 10 orderbooks at once & trade.
[Interface] Wallet assets is new. View your portofolio in one page.
[Interface] Trade now has now the option to open/close your positions op future platforms
[Interface] Six-view has been added to the market view.
[Interface] While cloning a bot the exchange and market can be edited.
[Interface] 2 Custom ticker can be added tot the marketview.
[Interface] Trade bot indicator back test has replace the normal back test.
[Interface] Open order has been replaced with a drag-able window. Open positions are looked here too.

[Framework] New added coins: –
[Interface] The charts have got facelift. Cleaner lines and more padding.
[Interface] Websocket connection to for the orderbook of OKCoin has been improved.
[Interface] Minor CSS fixes.

[Framework] Arbitrage-bots has been dropped
[Framework] Price history system improved (price packages added)
[Interface] Candle stick pattern from market view. (performance optimization).

Bug fixes:
Several minor fixes compared to version 2.x

As usual be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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